October 5, 2017

Thursday, 10/05/2017
Education Building, Rm. 104
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Megan Hale


October 5, 2017

Present: William Holmes, Jeremy Alm, Gayle Butaud, Carly Cox, Kimberly Gauthreaux, Mary Gentry, Debra Greschner, Patricia Harris, Lula Henry, Joana Hyatt,  Jeanne Mullican, Connie Ruiz, Jim Sanderson, Zanthia Smith, Marleen Swerdlow, Natalie Tindall, Vanessa Villate, David Wallace, Brett Welch, Jim Westgate

Dr. Bill Holmes, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, thanked those in attendance for being present.

Dean’s Comments. Unable to attend.

Report from Teacher Education & Alternative Certification Program. Dr. Lula Henry stated the program currently has roughly 19 students on probationary certificates. She mentioned that as of September 1, 2017 TEA now requires that students be placed on an intern certificate for one year in which time they must pass their content proficiency exam.  She also stated that assistance is needed from departments to help with content reviews for students who are pursuing certification in a particular content field such as History, Math, Music, etc. Dr. Henry also reminded those in attendance of the state’s new Take5 rule which states that students have 5 attempts to pass the content test and PPR respectively.

Report from the Office of Field Experience.  Dr. Gayle Butaud stated they have placed 36 clinical teachers within 15 districts in 28 schools with 42 mentors for the fall semester. There are approximately 170 students currently enrolled in field courses which is up from numbers last semester.  Dr. Butaud also mentioned that students must pass their content proficiency exam by a set date in order to be eligible for clinical teaching the next semester.  Students will also now be required to have formal approved training in suicide and drug prevention as part of their formal training.

Update on EDLD Program.  Dr. Wallace mentioned that the EDLD program continues to grow and thrive. There are approx. 2000 students in the M.Ed program for Educational Administration, and roughly 50-60 students in the Superintendent Cert program. Dr. Wallace mentioned that the principal certification exam is changing and the new test will be implemented in 2019.

School Counseling Program.  Dr. Winebaum was not able to attend. Dr. Patricia Harris mentioned that the program continues to thrive with approximately 1000 students enrolled in the School Counselor program.  She also mentioned that the number of field supervisors within the division has decreased from 19 to 9 since all field supervisors must now be Highly Qualified.

CAEP Progress Report.  Dr. Brett Welch stated that the CAEP committee has been meeting on a regular basis to prepare for the CAEP site visit in fall 2019. Emphasis is being placed on showing how report data is being used to improve individual programs.

News from TEA. (Handout) Dr. Cummings was not able to attend. Dr. Holmes briefly went over the handout and stated that while students have five attempts to pass their content proficiency exam, the program will be judged based on the first two attempts of the test. This could significantly impact our accountability rating with the state if students do not pass their exam by the second attempt. He also mentioned that students must now show some type of proof that they have received tutoring or instruction before being allowed to take the test for the second time.  Dr. Holmes mentioned that students have access to the Certify Teacher program for $25. The program is designed to help students who are having trouble passing the content exam.

Meeting was adjourned.

Megan Hale (Staff)