April 6, 2017

Thursday, 04/06/2017
Educ. Bldg. Rm 104
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Megan Hale



April 6, 2017

Present: William Holmes, Gayle Butaud, Catalina Castillon, Kimberly Gauthreaux, Debra Greschner, Patricia Harris, Lula Henry, Joana Hyatt, Charlotte Mizener,  Jeanne Mullican, Jim Sanderson, Marleen Swerdlow, Vanessa Villate, Brett Welch, MaryE Wilkinson, Norma Zarzosa

Dr. Bill Holmes, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Development, thanked those in attendance for being present.  Dr. Holmes also introduced Brett Welch from the Doctoral Studies department as a new member to the council. Dr. Welch will be assisting with CAEP related projects.

Dean’s Comments. Unable to attend.

Report from Teacher Education & Alternative Certification Program. Dr. Lula Henry stated that Post-Baccalaureate program numbers are still down. She stressed again the need for Spanish, Math and Science teachers. Dr. Henry stated that assistance is needed from departments to help with content reviews for students who are pursuing certification in a particular content field such as History, Math, Music, etc.  The Teacher Education department will be hosting a review session for the PPR and EC-6 on April 28th for those students who would like to attend. Dr. Henry also reminded those in attendance of the state’s new Take5 rule which states that students have 5 attempts to pass the content test and PPR respectively.

Report from the Office of Field Experience.  Dr. Gayle Butaud stated they have placed 43 clinical teachers on 31 different campuses with 54 mentors for the spring semester. There are approximately 142 students currently enrolled in field courses in 11 districts on 41 campuses.  Dr. Butaud also mentioned that all supervisors must now be trained through Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (TTESS).  Students will also now be required to have formal approved training in suicide and drug prevention as part of their formal training.

Update on EDLD Program.  Dr. Wallace was not able to attend. Dr. Holmes mentioned that the EDLD program continues to grow and thrive. There are currently 3,635 students in the Academic Partnership program through EDLD and COSP. There are 1,132 students in the M.Ed program for Educational Administration, 648 students in the Principal Cert only program, and 77 students in the Superintendent Cert program.

School Counseling Program.  Dr. Winebaum was not able to attend. Dr. Patricia Harris stated that the school counseling program is now a 48 hour program. She mentioned that the program continues to thrive with approximately 663 students enrolled in the School Counselor program and 434 students in the Clinical Mental Health program.

Educator Preparation Assessment Steering Committee.  Dr. Donna Azodi was not able to attend. Dr. Holmes stated that the committee is looking at assessment data and how that data can be used to improve programs. Teams have been formed to focus on each individual standard and how to continuously improve in those areas.

Meeting was adjourned.

Megan Hale (Staff)