Distance Education Committee

Charge: The Distance Education Committee shall advise the associate provost for digital learning and the assistant vice provost for digital learning on policies and procedures pertaining to Lamar’s delivery of distance education, including two-way interactive delivery, online courses, web courses, off-campus courses, and related forms of distance education and instructional pedagogies. The members shall include the executives from digital learning, the vice president for information technology, the dean of the library, the chair of academic information technology committee, the director of center for teaching & learning, a CID representative nominated by the president of the CID, a Faculty Senate representative nominated by the president of the Faculty Senate, the SGA president (or appointee), representative of the disability resource center and elected faculty from the academic colleges. The associate provost for academic affairs and digital learning (or designee) shall also serve on and chair the committee.

Membership & Reporting: Faculty Senators/Deans conduct election for faculty members; chair is Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Digital Learning (or designee);  charge to Committee given by Provost; recommendations from Committee presented to Provost.

Committee Members

Brett Welch (Vice Provost, Digital Learning; Dean Graduate Studies), Chair Ex Officio
Carly Cox (Coordiator of Digital Learning) Ex Officio
Patrick Stewart (Chief Information Officer) Ex Officio
Cheng-Hsien Lin (Faculty Senate) Ex Officio
Diane Clark (CID) Ex Officio
Tammy Lilly (Accesibility Resource Center) Ex Officio
Ashley Dockens (Director, Center for Teaching & Learning Enhancement) Ex Officio
Dale Fontenot (Business) FALL 2024-SUM 2027
Daryl Ann Borel (Education & Human Development) FALL 2022-SUM 2025
Heather Reading (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2023-SUM 2026
Xianchang Li (Engineering) FALL 2023-SUM 2026
Sujing Wang (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2023-SUM 2026
Vy Nguyen (SGA) FALL 2023-SUM 2024