Council of Instructional Departments (CID)

Charge: The Council of Instructional Departments (CID) shall advise the president and provost on policies and actions for the improvement of academic departmental administration and more effective communication within the organizational structure of the university. The council shall review and make recommendations concerning academic policies and procedures that affect departmental operations. Council membership shall consist of the academic department chairs. Members of the council shall elect their officers. The constitution and by-laws of the council are included in Appendix C of this (Faculty) handbook.

Membership & Reporting: members are current department chairs; president is elected by and from the members; charge is established by members and must reflect common chair interests; recommendations from CID presented to President and Provost.

Committee Members

Liv Haselbach (Civil & Environmental Engineering), President Ex Officio
James Sanderson (English & Modern Languages), Executive Council Ex Officio
Kabir Sen (Management & Marketing), Executive Council Ex Officio
Natalie Tindall (Communication), Executive Council Ex Officio
Rebecca Weinbaum (Counseling & Special Populations), Executive Council Ex Officio
Larry Allen (Economics & Finance) Ex Officio
Jeremy Alm (Mathematics) Ex Officio
Stefan Andrei (Computer Science) Ex Officio
Kakoli Bandyopadhyay (Information Systems & Analysis) Ex Officio
Daniel Chilek (Interim - Health & Kinesiology) Ex Officio
Hsing-Wei Chu (Mechanical Engineering) Ex Officio
Diane Clark (Deaf Education) Ex Officio
Philip Cole (Physics) Ex Officio
Brian Craig (Industrial Engineering) Ex Officio
Terri Davis (Political Science) Ex Officio
Monica Harn (Speech & Hearing Sciences) Ex Officio
Tammy Henderson (Family & Consumer Sciences) Ex Officio
Lula Henry (Interim - Teacher Education) Ex Officio
T.C. Ho (Chemical Engineering) Ex Officio
Jim Jordan (Earth & Space Sciences) Ex Officio
Edythe Kirk (Psychology) Ex Officio
Xiangyang "Sunny" Lei (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Ex Officio
Diane Mason (Interim - Educational Leadership) Ex Officio
Donna Meeks (Art) Ex Officio
Toni Mulvaney (Accounting & Business Law) Ex Officio
Harley Myler (Electrical Engineering) Ex Officio
Mary Scheer (History) Ex Officio
Brian Shook (Music) Ex Officio
Cindy Stinson (Nursing) Ex Officio
Randall Terry (Biology) Ex Officio
Golden Wright (Theatre & Dance) Ex Officio
Stuart Wright (Sociology, Social Work, & Criminal Justice) Ex Officio