Core Curriculum Governance and Assessment Committee

Membership & Reporting: Chair is elected by members; charge to Committee given by Provost; recommendations from Committee presented to Provost. CCGC members must be experienced and tenured. Chairs may serve. CCGC becomes a permanent body, with terms to be staggered after the first year. Function of CCGC is as follows: 1) to conduct regular assessment and reporting of student learning in our core; 2) to solicit and review proposals from faculty for core courses to be included in the revised core curriculum, following guidelines set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; 3) to select courses which will be included in the revised core; 4) to continuously oversee assessment and improvement of courses selected for inclusion in order to improve student learning.

Committee Members 

Nicki Michalski (Communication), Chair TBD
Theresa Hefner-Babb (Exec. Director, Planning and Assessment) Ex Officio
Judi Mann (Director, FYE/QEP) Ex Officio
Jarrod Rossi (Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness) Ex Officio
Amy Smith (Director, Center for Teaching & Learning Enhancement) Ex Officio
Frank Badua (Business: At-Large) TBD
Rick Carter (Education & Human Development: At-Large) TBD
Hsing-wei Chu (Engineering: At-Large) TBD
Jane Liu (Arts & Sciences: At-Large) TBD
Zanthia Smith (Fine Arts & Communication: At-Large) TBD
Kakoli Bandypadhyay (Information Systems and Analysis) TBD
Rebecca Boone (History) TBD
Catalina Castillion (Modern Language/ASL) TBD
Chiung-Fang Chang (Sociology) TBD
Ana Christensen (Biology) TBD
Lloyd Daigrepont (English - Literature) TBD
Kurt Dyrhaug (Art - Visual Arts) TBD
George Irwin (Physics) TBD
Edythe Kirk (Psychology - Statistics) TBD
Joe Kruger (Earth & Space Sciences) TBD
Richard Lumpkin (Chemistry) TBD
Mike Matthis (Philosophy) TBD
Bryan Proksch (Music/Theater/Dance) TBD
Martha Rinker (Psychology) TBD
Jim Sanderson (English - Composition) TBD
Tom Sower (Political Science) TBD
MaryE Wilkinson (Mathematics) TBD