Campus Risk Reduction Committee

Charge: The Risk Management Council shall advise the vice president for finance and operations on laws, policies, and programs relating to campus risk standards and exposure. The membership of the council shall be appointed by the vice president for finance and operations, and consist of a variety of staff members from relevant areas of the university and the Lamar Institute of Technology including finance, Lamar police, student engagement, athletics, IT, residence life, facilities, international student services, general counsel, procurement, health center, and research and sponsored services. Representatives from the Staff Advisory Council and the Faculty Senate shall also serve. The director of risk management shall chair the council.

Membership & Reporting: appointment of members & chair by VPFO; charge to Committee given by VPFO; recommendations from Committee presented to VPFO to President.

Committee Members

William G. Rash (Director, EHS & Risk Management), Chair Ex Officio
Mary Atkinson (Director, Housing & Residence Life) Ex Officio
Twila Baker (Sr. Director, Research & Sponsored Programs) Ex Officio
Hector Flores (Chief of Police) Ex Officio
Marie Graham (International Students) Ex Officio
Shawn Gray (Director, Student Health Center) Ex Officio
Lonnie Howard (President, LIT) Ex Officio
Terry Mena (Associate VP & Dean of Students) Ex Officio
Vivek Natarajan (Faculty Senate President) Ex Officio
Craig Ness (VP, Finance & Operations) Ex Officio
Michael Ruland (Assoc. VP, Facilities) Ex Officio
Ashley Scott (Executive Director, Admin. Services) Ex Officio
James Stem (Athletics) Ex Officio
Patrick Stewart (Information Technology) Ex Officio
Diane Thibodeaux (Assoc. VP, Admin. Services) Ex Officio
TBD (Staff Senate) Ex Officio
TBD (TSUS Associate General Counsel) Ex Officio