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Recovery and Resiliency Summit - "Recovering and Growing as a Community"

April 09, 2021
8th Floor, Mary and John Gray Library / Virtual Conference

The primary focus of the Recovery and Resiliency Summit this year will be recovering and growing as a community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The impact of other disasters/catastrophic events will also be addressed.  The Summit will focus on:

  • Gathering knowledge to adapt to, withstand, or more rapidly recover from a disaster or catastrophic event
  • Gaining an understanding of methods to improve preparedness, communication, and coordination during a disaster/catastrophic event in Southeast Texas
  • Exploring options for disaster/catastrophic event community resources in Southeast Texas related to industry, governmental, or healthcare
  • Beginning a dialogue with other stakeholders to build a resilient community in Southeast Texas

If you have conducted research or work with community members that could contribute, we invite you to submit a proposal. Acceptance of abstract submissions has been extended until December 14th.

Contact Judith Mann at with questions.

Sponsored by LU Resilience and Recovery.

Dr. Judith Mann
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