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Humor in Aluminum: Twisted Tales from the Texas Historical Marker Files

January 29, 2018
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
8th floor, Mary & John Gray Library

This presentation on the Official Texas Historical Marker Program will be given by Dan Utley, Texas Historical Commission Chief Historian. Reception, lecture, and book signing are open to the public.

The Official Texas Historical Marker Program of the Texas Historical Commission boasts more than 17,000 markers, far more than any other state. One of the reasons for the program's phenomenal success is that the Texas process begins at the county level. In effect, the counties tell the state what they believe is significant enough to record for the general public. It is an important joint partnership that has important benefits, but it can also result in some interesting exchanges among the various parties involved. Mining the state agency's files, Utley brings to light for the first time some of the challenges of maintaining one of the nation's most successful public history endeavors. His behind-the-scene stories are filled with humor, irony, and good old-fashioned Texas orneriness, providing insights that speak to the collective goal of preserving vestiges of the past for the future.

Sponsored by the Center for History and Culture of Southeast Texas and the Upper Gulf Coast.

Dr. Mary Scheer
Center for History and Culture

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