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Student Lecture - The Golden Triangle and the Great War

November 06, 2017
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Landes Auditorium, Galloway Business Building

Men in war trenchFew states were as transformed by World War I as Texas.  This was especially true of the southeast region of the state, particularly the communities of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange.  As the nation mobilized for war in 1917, the "Golden Triangle" responded not just through military enlistments but through its shipbuilding, oil, and timber industries. This concentration of labor, both black and white, also brought the watchful eye of a government intent on supressing labor and racial activism, as well as anti-war sentiment. What emerges is a complicated picture of a region grappling with great change amidst the pressures of war over 100 years ago.

Presenter: Lila Rakoczy, Texas Historical Commission

Sponsored by the Center for History and Culture.

Mary L. Scheer
Center for History and Culture