Policies and Guidelines


Lamar University Dining Services will provide an overlay tablecloth for guest tables as part of your catering order. Floor-length and specialty overlays, vases, votive candleholders, charger plates, cocktail tables, dance floor and other items are available for rent. Requests for these items must be made within one week of the event for invoicing purposes. A fee will be charged for any breakage or damage.

All items brought into the University Event Center by an outside vendor, event planner or the host are the responsibility of that party. Because of limited workers, the Event Center staff is not responsible for setting up or breaking down any equipment, props, decorations or other items that are not the property of the University Event Center. Personal property must be removed after the event.

If candles are to be burned, they must be provided by the client. Tea light candles with metal or plastic bottoms may be used in the Event Center’s votive holders. All candles must be placed in appropriate holders.

The use of glitter, confetti, rice, or birdseed is prohibited. Bubbles or rose petals may be used outside of the building only.

Floral arrangements must be complete when they are delivered. Construction on site is not permitted.


The client is responsible for providing their own music. Music must be free of profanity and sexual content.

If a band or DJ is employed, a dance floor must be used. One may be rented from the University Event Center or an outside vendor. Dance floor sizes and pricing are listed in the 'Rental Items' brochure.

One microphone is available in each room. The Spindletop and Plummer Rooms are equipped with projectors and drop-down screens. All other media equipment must be provided by the host of the event.


Two security guards must be on the premises during any event at which alcohol is served. The Director of the University Event Center will make arrangements to hire the guards at an hourly fee. The fee will be added to your rental invoice. If a need arises for additional security guards during the event, the client will be responsible for the added expense.


Lamar University is a smoke-free campus.