Student Organizations

The College of Engineering hosts and encourages all engineering students to take part in engineering student organizations that span across all five departments, with a Student Engineering Council (SEC) serving as the governing body.

Besides serving as a governing body, the SEC is comprised of members from multiple student organizations, coordinates events throughout the year, and develops plans to increase student involvement.  SEC involvement is sponsored by Motiva.

College of Engineering

Alpha Omega Epsilon
Advisor: Dr.Valentin Andreev 409-880-8765

EWB - Engineers Without Borders
Advisor: Dr. Mark Bourland 409-880-8765

NSBE - National Society of Black Engineers
Advisor: Paula McNeel 409-880-8727

Tau Beta Pi
Advisor: Dr. James Henry 409-880-8428

SWE - Society of Women Engineers
Advisor: Dr. Hsing-wei Chu 409-880-8807

Sigma Phi Delta
Advisor: Ron Peevy 409-880-7870

Society of Automotive Engineers
Advisor: Dr. Kendrick Aung 409-880-8764

Chemical Engineering

Omega Chi Epsilon
Advisor: Dr. Clayton Jeffryes 409-880-8784

AIChE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Advisor: Dr. Tracy Benson 409-880-7536

Civil Engineering

ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers
Advisor: Dr. Jerry Lin 409-880-8761

Chi Epsilon
Advisor: Dr. Qin Qian 409-880-7559

Electrical Engineering

Eta Kappa Nu
Advisor: Dr. Harley Myler 409-880-8747

IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
Advisor: Mr. Hussein Almallahi

Industrial Engineering

ASIT - American Society of Industrial Technology
Advisor: Dr. Xinyu Liu 409-880-8815

IIE - Institute of Industrial Engineers
Advisor: Dr. Xinyu Liu 409-880-8807

Alpha Pi Mu
Advisor: Dr. Xinyu Liu 409-880-8807

INFORMS - Institute for Operation Research and The Management Science
Advisor: Dr. Alberto Marquez 409-880-8809

SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Advisor: Dr. Liu 409-880-8807


Mechanical Engineering

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Advisor: Dr. Kendrick Aung 409-880-8764

Pi Tau Sigma
Advisor: Dr. Jenny Zhou 409-880-8770

The SEC would like to thank Motiva for all of their support.

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