Senior Design Symposium

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The Lamar University College of Engineering hosted its 3rd annual Senior Design Symposium Thursday, April 26 in the Live Oak Ballroom located in the Setzer Student Center, capping off the school year with more than 40 projects engineering students have spent months preparing. The event is free and open to the public.

“Senior Design Symposium is the culmination of an entire year filled with planning, designing and building to compete for the ultimate prize of having the top project,” says Srinivas Palanki, dean of the College of Engineering, “I’ve seen instances in industry where hiring candidates will use their senior design experience as part of their resume. This is a wonderful opportunity not only for our students, but for the public to come and experience why Lamar Engineering continues to excel.”

On display at the Senior Design Symposium was 44 group projects from all five engineering disciplines at Lamar University, including: 12 chemical engineering projects, 3 civil and environmental engineering projects, 9 electrical engineering, 8 industrial engineering, and 12 mechanical engineering projects ranging from concepts for ethylene production facilities for local refineries to designs and projects to be utilized by NASA for long-journey space missions.

2018 Winners

Grand Champion and Mechanical Engineering Winner: SAE Mini Baja
Group Leaders: Mason Simmons and Jennifer Huang
Members: Nathan Benson, Tyler Copeland, Kenny Courville, Nick Harrison, Hunter Kuehnel, Patrick Parfait, Keyla Rodriguez, Brandon Simoneaux

Chemical: BN Ethylene Plant Design
Group Leader: Shelby Whitehead
Members: Mitchell Blackburn, Matthew Erwin, Mason Horbath, Carley Richmond, Yazeed Alhumaidan

Civil and Environmental: Pervious Concrete
Group Leader: Presley Lundquist
Members: Andre Trottier, Hayden Rice, Faustino Cisneros, Matthew Jones

Electrical: Electromagnetic Stringed Transducer
Group Leader: Anthony Simental
Members: Thien Tran, Javier Diaz Gutierrez

Honorable Mention Awarded via IEEE: Electric Vehicle Design
Group Leader: Darin Dickinson
Members: Lance Lindsey, Aaron Nguyen

Industrial: Researching Alternative Deployment Techniques of Fiber Optic Cable Along Transmission Lines for AP Sensing
Group: Louis Bemberg, Isleisi Mendez, Andy Mak

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2018 senior design symposium winning team from mechanical engineering
2018 Grand Champions: SAE Mini Baja – Mechanical Engineering