Lamar University College of Engineering is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals, and scholarships are one valuable tool to do that. These scholarships are made possible by generous donations from alumni and friends. Most scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement. Other factors such as academic major, leadership ability and specialized skills (athletics, marching band, art, music, etc.) also may be considered in awarding scholarships. For priority consideration for Lamar University scholarships, apply no later than February 1 each year.

Prospective Student Scholarship

The College of Engineering has numerous endowed scholarships available for first-time-in college students that range from $500-$6,000. To apply for these scholarships please complete your application via MyScholarships. Lamar University carries many additional opportunities. See if you qualify today!

Depending on your scores and class rank, you have the potential to receive additional scholarship funds. You can also apply for general University scholarships, by going to MyScholarships

Current Student Scholarships

The College of Engineering offers a host of scholarship for current students. The criteria for these scholarships are a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must be an undergraduate student. If you are a current student and looking for scholarship opportunities, please fill out the general application and search for more via MyScholarships. The scholarship will be awarded for the following Fall semester. Deadline is February 1st.