THWRC Awarded Proposals

2015 - 2017

Project Number:    515LUB0039H - Abstract
Title: Conversion of Hazardous Organic Wastes to Renewable Energy Using Anaerobic Digestion: an Experimental and Modeling Study
University Represented: Lamar University - Jerry Lin
Project Number: 515LUB0040H - Abstract
Title: Proactive Abnormal Emission Identification via Modeling, Optimization, and Design of Air-quality Monitoring Network
University Represented: Lamar University - Qiang Xu
Project Number: 515LUB0041H - Abstract
Title: Development and Testing of Amine-Type Scavengers for the Removal of H2S from Liquid Sour Crude
University Represented: Lamar University - Tracy Benson
Project Number: 515LUB0043H - Abstract
Title: Fabric Electrochemical Sensing Array for the Analytical Detection of Toxic Trace Metals in Drinking Water
University Represented: Lamar University - Evan Wujcik
Project Number: 515TAM0044H - Abstract
Title: Role of Facultative Methantrophs in Pollutant Degradation
University Represented: Texas A&M - Kung-Hui Chu
Project Number: 515TAM0045H - Abstractt
Title: Elucidating the Impact of Engineered Nanoparticles on the Physiological and Biochemical Processes Associated with Plant Water Uptake and Water use Efficiency
University Represented: Texas A&M - Xingmao Ma
Project Number: 515TAM0046H - Abstract
Title: Boron Removal from Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater by Aluminum Electrocoagulation: Mechanisms and Process Optimization
University Represented: Texas A&M - Shankar Chellam
Project Number: 515UHH0047H - Abstract
Title: Long-term Groundwater Impacts of Unsaturated Zone Releases of Fuels Containing Alcohols
University Represented: University of Houston - William Rixey
Project Number: 515UHH0048H - Abstract
Title: Recycling of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Using Integrated New Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Technology and Modeling
University Represented: University of Houston - Cumaraswamy Vipulanandan
Project Number: 515UHH0049H - Abstract
Title: Understanding and Controlling Radioactive (Ba, Ra) SO4 Precipitation on Oil-field Equipment
University Represented: University of Houston - Yandi Hu
Project Number: 515UHH0050H - Abstract
Title: Multifunctional Graphene-oxide Nnanocomposite Beads for Removal of Water Contaminants in Packed Bed Columns
University Represented: University of Houston - Debora F Rodrigues
Project Number: 515UTA0051H - Abstract
Title: Impact of Coagulation on Biofiltration: Simultaneous Removal of Multiple Chemical Contaminants
University Represented: The University of Texas at Austin - Mary Jo Kirisits
Project Number: 515UTA0052H - Abstract
Title: Development of Nanomaterial Use, Transport, and Disposal Guidelines for Laboratories at the UT Austin and Other THWRC Consortium Universities
University Represented: The University of Texas at Austin - Navid Saleh
Project Number: 515UTA0053H - Abstract
Title: Tailoring the Structure of Hydrogenation Catalysts to Transform the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water
University Represented: The University of Texas at Austin - Charles J Werth