Meet the Director

Jerry Lin, Ph.D., P.E.JerryLin

Professor, Environmental Engineering
Director, Center for Advances in Water & Air Quality

Dr. C. Jerry Lin is the Director of Center for Advances in Water and Air Quality, and a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He was named 2008 Lamar University Scholar, 2012 Lamar University Professor and 2014 ExxonMobil Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, and received Chi-Epsilon (the civil engineering honor society) James M. Robbins Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008. Dr. Lin is a registered professional engineer in environmental engineering.

Dr. Lin is a principal investigator for 55 environmental research projects (>$5.5 million) funded by National Science Foundation, US Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Defense, Department of Agriculture, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and industrial partners. Dr. Lin has authored or co-authored more than 80 peer-reviewed publications in environmental mercury, air pollution and water quality, which have been cited more than 2,000 times in refereed journals. He has given 50 invited talks and more than 100 technical presentations in international conferences. Dr. Lin is a world-renowned researcher in environmental mercury. The kinetic and mechanistic parameters of mercury reactions he proposed are widely implemented in regional and global atmospheric models. His critical analysis on the scientific uncertainties of mercury models has led to new effort in bridging the knowledge gap. In recent years, his research focuses mainly on improving the estimate of air-surface exchange of mercury vapor over natural surfaces through isotopic tracing techniques and methodology development. Dr. Lin also works extensively with industrial partners in a number of waste-to-energy, biological wastewater treatment and emission control projects.

Dr. Lin served as a member in the USEPA Science Advisory Board, and was one of the lead modelers of the United Nations' Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollutants. He has assisted in the technical analysis for national policy making on mercury emission reduction including Clean Air Mercury Rules, Occupational Mercury Exposure Assessment and Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for Power Plants. Dr. Lin teaches water chemistry, water and wastewater treatment, air pollution science and engineering statistics. He is also an active proponent of STEM education through his research activities and educational outreaches.

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