Lamar University



Eric Stromberg picture

Erik Stromberg
Executive Director
INEN 5302 Introduction to Port Management
Areas:  Port Management and Business Development

Dr. Hamidi

Maryam Hamidi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering
INEN 5304 Risk Management in Port Operations
INEN 5310 Marine Terminal Operations

Dr. Marquez
Alberto Marquez, PhD, PE
Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering
INEN 5307 Capital Projects
JD Baldo picture
Melissa Baldo, J.D.
Instructor, College of Business, Business Law
BULW 5320 Leadership and Negotiation
BULW 5333 Legal Framework of Ports and Trade
Brad Mayer

Brad Mayer, PhD
Professor, College of Business, Management
MGMT 5313 Team Leadership

Jill Taylor
INEN 5308 Security and Resiliency Planning

Mr. Muller image

Gerhardt Muller
INEN 5306 Freight Transportation Logistics

Scott Shepard

Scott Shepard
MGMT 5333 Port Property and Asset Management

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George Schatz
ECON 5333 Economics of Ports and Trade
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Evan Matthews
INEN 5309 Strategic and Facility Master Planning



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Candice Moore, MBA
Assistant Director, CAPM
(409) 880-7121

Eric Stromberg picture

Erik Stromberg
Executive Director, CAPM
(409) 880-7114; (910) 617-6800

Graduate Assistant

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Yimei Long
Graduate Assistant, CAPM

Advisory Board

Vijay Agrawal
Associate Vice President
Mary Beth Long
Chief External Affairs Officer
Lillian Borrone
Chair Emeritus
Eno Center for Transportation
Mark McAndrews
Port Director and AAPA Chairman, 2016/17
Port of Pascagoula
Bruce Cashon
Senior Advisor
Ceres Terminals Incorporated
Bryan Markland
Emergency Response and Security Manager
Lucite international, Beaumont
John Durkay
General Counsel
Southeast Texas Plant Managers Forum
Shannon Mcleod
Senior Planner – Maritime Division
Noel Hacegaba
Chief Commercial Officer
Port of Long Beach
Chairman AAPA Curriculum Committee
Randal Ogrydziak
Director of Security, Facilities & Regulatory Compliance, Port of Beaumont
Robert Hawn
Director of Maritime Affairs
West Gulf Maritime Association
Jim Quinn
President and CEO
Saint John Port Authority
Douglas Hansen
Director, Strategic Planning, NYK Ports, LLC
William “Bill” Scott
Chairman and CEO
Trans-Global Solutions, Inc.
Lamar University Regent
Tom Heidt
Port of Houston Authority
Thomas Simmers
Executive Vice President
United States Maritime Alliance, Ltd.
North American Secretary, General Stevedoring Council
Paul Heylman
Partner, Saul Ewing
Captain Charles Tweedel
President, Sabine Pilots Association
Ashebir Jacobs
Vice President, Senior Port Engineer
Moffatt and Nichol
Tom Wakeman
Deputy Director
Davidson Laboratory & Research Professor Stevens Institute
Matthew Kaufman
Assistant Manager
Thomas Wells
Energy Transfer
Peter Keller
EVP, TOTE and Chairman
Mark Viator
Director, Government Affairs & Special Projects
Jefferson Energy
Geraldine Knatz
Professor of Practice of Policy and Engineering
USC Sol Price School of Public Policy
Pat Younger
Executive Director
Gulf Ports Association of the Americas
Larry Kelley
Executive Port Director
Port of Port Arthur
Edward Zimny
President & CEO
Seabury Maritime PFRA LLC