The Center for Advances in Port Management is dedicated to preparing the port and marine terminal operating industry for 21st century challenges and opportunities through advanced education and research.

Established in the fall of 2015 through the generosity and foresight of the State of Texas, the Center is supported primarily by the colleges of business and engineering. Erik Stromberg has served as the Center’s first executive director since May, 2016.

The Center is and must be fundamentally linked with industry. Our widespread Advisory Board is comprised of industry experts across all disciplines, representing the broad array of skills and knowledge required to successfully manage in the port or marine terminal operating industry. The Advisory Board oversees and guides the curriculum and research activities based on current and projected needs of the port and marine terminal operating industry.

In our four-plus year existence, the Center’s research initiatives have already made significant contributions to industry. Research activities are based on demonstrated industry need, often indicated by direct external financial support. Importantly, the Center also has resources to support industry relevant research projects and, working with industry, serves as an incubator for ideas and processes that will add value to industry.