The Center for Advances in Port Management is dedicated to preparing port and marine terminal industry leaders for 21st century challenges and opportunities. Established in the fall of 2015 through the foresight of the State of Texas, the Center supports the port industry (industrial) through (with) advanced and continuing education, as well as industry relevant (and) research. 

Mission Statement

To better prepare the port and marine terminal operating industry for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead through advanced education and industry relevant research.


The Center’s primary educational offering is a Master of Science in Port and Terminal Management. The Center also offers graduate certificates in the port management field. Our online industry-based curriculum allows graduates to enhance career opportunities for working port and terminal professionals. At the undergraduate level, the Center supports a University Studies program in Supply Chain Management.

Community Outreach Events

The Center for Advances in Port Management puts on Workshops and Webinars to stay engaged in the community and to create forums to address local port and marine terminal industry problems. The Center works with the Southeast Texas Waterway Advisory Council (SETWAC) to identify, plan and deliver community outreach events


The Center addresses port and related industry research needs in Texas and nationwide through the expertise of academic faculty in Lamar’s Engineering, Business, and Arts and Sciences colleges as well as the Center’s adjunct faculty. Relevance is assured through the Center’s close ties with industry and government, including SETWAC and the Center’s Advisory Board. A wide range of problems, including asset management, economic analysis, reliability, resilience and disaster management, scheduling, and dredging are studied.