Tom Kalb   Tom Kalb



Craig headshot
Dr. Brian Craig
Dean, College of Engineering
Charles & Eleanor Garrett Endowed Chair

Dr. Tracy Benson
Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering
Associate Professor, Associate Director for Research Center for Midstream Management and Science
Research: Carbon Capture and Storage, H2S Removal, Engineering Education

Maryam Hamidi PictureDr. Maryam Hamidi
Department of Industrial Engineering
Assistant Professor 
Research: Reliability, Data Analysis, Maintenance/Inventory Optimization, Game Theory, Warranty/Lease Contracts

Dr. Liv Haselbach

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chair and Professor
Research: Sustainable Development, Permeable Pavements, Environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability Education

Dr. Berna Tokgoz
Department of Industrial Engineering
Assistant Professor
Research: Resilience Engineering, Risk Analysis, Systems Engineering, Complex Systems

Dr. Clayton Jeffryes
Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering
Assistant Professor
Research: Innovative Bioprocesses, Macroalgal Tissue Cultures, Biogenic Nanomaterials

Dr. Seokyon Hwang
Reese Department of Construction Management
Associate Professor
Research: Project Management

Jing Zhang
Dr. Jing Zhang
Computer Science
Assistant Professor
Research: Image Processing and Machine Learning

Dr. Liu CS
Xingya Liu

Department of Computer Science
Research: Cyber Security, Next-Generation Wireless Networks, Fog Computing and Mobile Computing