Mechanical Engineering Graduate Courses

Students in the masters programs (thesis option or coursework option) in Mechanical Engineering can follow one of three tracks:

  1. Advanced Mechanical Design, Optimization and Simulation
  2. Energy Conversion and Conservation
  3. Materials and Manufacturing

Courses available in these three tracks are as follows:

Advanced Mechanical Design, Optimization and Simulation

MEEN 5315 Theory of Elasticity

MEEN 5317 Adv. Fracture Mechanics in Mech. Design

MEEN 5319 Modeling & Simulation

MEEN 5324 Component/System Design with Simulation

MEEN 5325 Finite Element Analysis with ANSYS

MEEN 5326 Control of Mechanical Systems

MEEN 5329 Advanced Solid Mechanics

MEEN 5333 Tribology

MEEN 5335 Mechanical Vibrations

MEEN 5389 CAD Solid Modeling

MEEN 53xx Microelectromechanical System

MEEN 6385 Advanced Stress Analysis

MEEN 6387 Fracture and Fatigue of Solids

MEEN 6388 Advanced Finite Element Method

MEEN 6389 Comp-Aided Software Engr


Energy Conversion and Conservation

MEEN 5311 Energy Conversion Systems

MEEN 5313 Optimizations of Thermal Systems

MEEN 5323 Advanced Heat Transfer and Applications

MEEN 5350 Turbomachinery

MEEN 5362 Energy Engineering

MEEN 5369 Energy Conservation and Management

MEEN 5370 Gas Turbine Heat Transfer & Cooling Technology

MEEN 5367 Intro. to CFD

MEEN 5370 Gas Turbine Heat Trans./Cool Tech.

MEEN 53xx Advanced Thermodynamics

MEEN 53xx Advanced Fluid Mechanics

MEEN 53xx Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer

MEEN 53xx Modeling of Supercritical Fluids


Materials Engineering

MEEN 5316 Process Selections in Design

MEEN 5318 Manufacturing Process Techniques

MEEN 5365 Advanced Materials Science

MEEN 5366 Manufacturing Analysis

MEEN 53xx Environmental Degradation of Materials

MEEN 53xx Nanoscience and Nanotechnology