Ali Beheshti, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

  • Lee, J., Beheshti, A., and Polycarpou, A. A., “Rough Surface Normal Nanocontact Stiffness: Experimental Measurements and Rough Surface Contact Model Predictions”, Applied Mechanics-ASME, accepted, January 2017.
  • Humood, M., Beheshti, A., and Polycarpou, A. A., “Surface Reliability of Annealed and Tempered Solar Protective Glasses: Indentation and Scratch Behavior”, Solar Energy, Vol. 142, Page:13-25, 2017.
  • Humood, M., Beheshti, A., and Polycarpou, A. A., “Normal impact of sand particles with solar panel glass surfaces”, Tribology International, Vol. 102, Page: 237-248, 2016.
  • Chatterjje, A., Beheshti, A., Polycarpou, A. A. and Bellon P., “Yield Maps for Single and Bilayer Thin Films under Scratch”, Journal of Tribology-ASME, Vol. 138, Issue 3, Page: 031402, 2016.
  • Alinia, Y., Beheshti, A., Guler, M. A., El-Borgi, S., Polycarpou, A. A., “Sliding Contact Analysis of Functionally Graded Coating/Substrate System”, Mechanics of Materials, 94, 142-155, 2016.
  • Asadi, S., Hassan, M., Beheshti, A., Berryman, C., “Quantification of Residential Energy Consumption Reduction Using Glass-Modified Asphalt Shingle”, Journal of Architectural Engineering, B4015003, 2015.
  • Beheshti, A., Khonsari, M. M., “On the Contact of Curved Rough Surfaces: Contact Behavior and Predictive Formulas”, Journal of Applied Mechanics Transaction of ASME, Vol. 81, Issue 11, Page: 111004, November 2014.


Ph.D., ME, Louisiana State University
M.Sc., ME, Isfahan University of Technology
B.Sc., ME, Isfahan University of Technology

Awards and Honors

  • Best Engineering Dissertation, College of Engineering, Louisiana State University (2014)
  • Best Researcher Award  of the Year, Mechanical Engineering Department, Louisiana State University (2013)
  • Ranked 1st among graduate students in PhD qualifying examination, Mechanical Engineering Department, Louisiana State University (2009)
  • Graduate School Scholarship for 4 years, Louisiana State University, (2008-2012)
  • Graduated with honors, 2rd Rank (top 2%) among Mechanical Engineering Department M.Sc. (2007) and B.Sc. (2004), Isfahan University of Technology