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Start with Lone Star and Finish at LU!

We are very excited to bring our renown engineering programs to the Houston area.  With this partnership, our world-class education stretches beyond our university borders to a wider audience who seek a well-rounded, professional program.

This partnership will allow students the opportunity to earn their degree in four years by following our engineering track programs. There are two options that students can follow. The first is the traditional transfer track where students take classes at Lamar University campus in Beaumont, TX. The other is the digital learning track where course content is delivered electronically to the students using a combination of asynchronous lecture videos and synchronous telepresence video that does not require the student to be on Beaumont campus. Both tracks provide equivalent content and will lead to ABET-accredited degrees.

Choose a Track Program: 

Get started in 4 easy steps: 

Step 1: Choose a track! Traditional or Digital Learning
Step 2: Earn an Associate of Science from LSC 
Step 3: Apply to LU. Students who have maintained a 2.0 GPA, and have a 'C' or better in all STEM courses, are GUARANTEED admission to begin taking LU Engineering courses 
Step 4: Graduate from Lamar University! 

Transfer Scholarships: 

Students who have at least a 3.0GPA automatically receive a Transfer Excellence Scholarship!

Interested in the program? Contact us! 
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