Senior Design

Lamar Industrial Engineering has a two-semester senior design capstone courses (INEN 4323 and INEN 4385). Students work on teams or individually to solve complex design problems. Senior Design Lab (L246) is an office area with six workspaces with computers.  Undergraduate student in senior design have access to this lab.

Most students work on industry sponsored projects. Past industry sponsored projects have:
1. Designed layouts for a manufacturing plant.
2. Selected robotic equipment for manufacturing plants.
3. Designed and implemented staffing models for large enterprises.
4. Strategic planning for health care facilities.
5. Designed processes for route construction in a trucking network.
6. 5s and process improvement projects for manufacturing plants.
7. Designed sensors for monitoring and controlling continuous processes.
8. Developed software and business processes to improve quality.
9. Designed procedures to reduce waiting times at a government office.

Students can also do interesting research topics that require significant design work:
1. Designing a family practice office.
2. Designing and building a low-cost robot.
3. Designing tool tip detection equipment for a micro machine tool.
4. Designing an online JavaScript based simulation tool to study and teach the importance of customer service in the social media era.
5. Developing voice-based software to record home health events.

For 2+2 online students, senior design works the same as local students. Many senior design team projects have a mixture of local and online students. Some students (about 25%) work on individual projects related to their jobs or individual interests. All projects have a mentoring professor who helps the team in addition to the course instructor.

The ability to work with a geographically dispersed team is a key skill for being a member of the global workforce. Almost all Lamar graduates work with geographically dispersed individuals as part of their studies in senior design or other classes. Senior design teams employ a wide range of tools (Video Conferencing, Phone Calls, Email, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, Slack, Word Online, Excel Online, Google Documents, GitHub) to support geographically separated teams.

Companies can participate in senior design free of charge. Please contact Dr. Kelly Bradley ( for more information about senior design and other research capabilities.

 Senior Design Team 2 2019