BSIE Electives

BS Industrial Engineering program has 12 hours of technical electives. Students should develop their own elective plan to match their career goals. This plan must be approved by the undergraduate advisor. The following are illustrative technical elective options:
1. Business Administration (MBA Preparation / 5 year BSIE-MBA Program)
2. Manufacturing
3. Reliability
4. Supply Chain Management
5. Management
6. Statistics and Data Mining
Students should work with the undergraduate advisor to develop a list of electives that match your career goals.

The department typically offers 2 to 3 electives per semester (about 8 electives per year). Elective topics change based on the needs of our students and industry. In the recent past, the following electives are offered within the department:

  1. INEN 4354 Lean Manufacturing - The planning, evaluation, deployment and integration of lean manufacturing theory and methods. Emphasis on manufacturing processes/equipment and systems. (Offered Online)
  2. INEN 4357 Supply Chain Management - A survey of supply chain management techniques and methods. Topics includes logistics, purchasing, inventory systems, demand management and supply chain visibility. (Offered Online)
  3. INEN 4363 Six Sigma - Overview of the six sigma DMAIC methodology at the green belt level of competency with emphasis on process management. (Offered Online)
  4. INEN 4369 Engineering Management - Transition from engineering to management decision-making responsibilities. Topics include: leadership, proposal writing, negotiation, process/project management, and technology management. (Offered Online)
  5. ENGR 4301 ST: Data Mining 
  6. ENGR 4301 ST: Project Management (Offered Online)
  7. ENGR 4301 ST: Robotics (Offered Online)
  8. ENGR 4301 ST: Logistics
Students can also take elective outside the department. Most engineering, math, computer science, chemistry and physics courses at the junior or senior level can be used as electives if part of a cohesive plan of study. You must get the approval of your advisor or the department head for using a course not listed on this page as an elective.

A partial list of electives offered outside the department is:
  1. CMGT 4310 Construction Planning and Scheduling
  2. MISY 3350 JAVA Development
  3. MISY 4370 ERP Overview - This course introduces students to SAP, an enterprise application software that runs on large database systems, which is widely used by large corporations. In this overview course, students will learn business processes in different modules of SAP with a focus on supply-chain processes; purchasing, materials management, production planning, and sales and distribution. Students will have ample opportunity to perform business transactions on SAP servers to gain a deeper understanding of business process integration.
Many students take MBA courses as electives as part of our 5-year BSIE-MBA track.
  1. BULW 3310 Business Law - A survey of the legal environment and its impact upon business. Nature and sources of law, administrative and enforcement agencies, and governmental regulations. Students become aware of the legal framework of common business transactions.
  2. ACCT 5315 Financial & Managerial Accounting Foundations - Concepts of financial accounting. Emphasis is on the conceptual framework of accounting and preparation and uses of financial statements. Additional topics include, Managerial Accounting and Cost Concepts, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs and Variance Analysis.
  3. ECON 5300 - Foundation of Economics - Introduction to economic principles, allocation of resources, determination of output and prices, distribution and managerial economics.