BS Industrial Technology Online

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Industrial Technology (IT). The program builds a BS degree focused on management and advanced technology on top of an AAS degree or other backgrounds. The degree covers topics of interests to industry including project management, six sigma, lean manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, work design, safety, maintenance, and production planning.

The BSIT degree is 100% online. Many students who work full time have been able to complete the program.

The first two years of this program are typically based on a 2-year AAS degree, certifications at a technology program, or military training. Students are accepted from technical two-year programs throughout the state and nation. This degree builds on the successful completion of an Associate of Applied Science degree, technical certification, military ACE credits, or equivalent study. Students can transfer up to 66 hours towards this 120 hour degree from community colleges (34 technical hours and 32 academic hours). Lamar University has scholarships for transfer students.

Industrial Technology deals not only with things but also with people, finance, information, and the environment. Industrial Technology answers complex questions:

  • How can we improve safety, quality, productivity and service?
  • What products or services should we offer? What price should we charge?
  • What materials and methods should we use?
  • How can we best motivate and reward people?
  • How much inventory do we need?
  • Where should we locate our plants, stores, and warehouse?
  • How can we use our data to improve our business?
  • How can we improve our product design to reduce manufacturing cost and improve quality?

The average starting salary for IT majors is $76,410 based on 2015 gainful employment data with 91% of graduates working.  Based on the Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics (Texas CREWS), the average salary for BSIT was $103,855. The average starting salary for BSIT students is high due to most graduates having work experience.

Most industrial technology students do not pursue graduate degrees. For students interested in a graduate degree, the degree has seven electives to help you get ready for an MBA program or master’s degree in Management Information Systems. The Early Start MBA for BSIT provides guidance on electives for students who want to get an MBA after a BSIT degree.

Example Transfer Plans