Industrial Technology deals not only with things but also with people, finance, information, and the environment. Industrial Technology answers complex questions:

  • How can we improve safety, quality, productivity and service?
  • What products or services should we offer? What price should we charge?
  • What materials and methods should we use?
  • How can we best motivate and reward people?
  • How much inventory do we need?
  • Where should we locate our plants, stores, and warehouse?
  • How can we use our historic data to improve our business?
  • How can we improve our product design to reduce manufacturing cost and improve quality?

Industrial Technology students add a BS degree with a focus on technology management to their technology background. The average starting salery for IT majors is $61,460 based on College Measure data with 84% of graduates working within Texas.  IT majors have a wide range of backgrounds due to community college, military and technology course credits.