B.S. IT Electives

B.S. Industrial Technology degree plan has 7 upper division elective courses. Having seven electives allows students to develop a custom degree plan based on their career goals. 

Classes are not taught each semester. The department typically offers 2 to 3 electives per semester (about 8 electives per year). Elective topics change based on the needs of our students and industry. In the recent past, the following electives are offered within the department:

  1. INEN 4354 Lean Manufacturing - The planning, evaluation, deployment and integration of lean manufacturing theory and methods. Emphasis on manufacturing processes/equipment and systems. (Offered Online)
  2. INEN 4357 Supply Chain Management - A survey of supply chain management techniques and methods. Topics includes logistics, purchasing, inventory systems, demand management and supply chain visibility. (Offered Online)
  3. INEN 4363 Six Sigma - Overview of the six sigma DMAIC methodology at the green belt level of competency with emphasis on process management. (Offered Online)
  4. INEN 3380 Work Design - Determination of work content, workstation/facility layout, work methods, and times required for various occupational jobs/tasks. Design of tasks/jobs, workplace, and work environment to increase productivity, eliminate waste, and decrease occupational injury/illness. (Offered Online)
  5. INEN 4394 Engineering Database Design - To provide students in engineering with knowledge about the design and implementation of engineering applications using database technology. Examples will be drawn from manufacturing and production systems. Prerequisite: It is assumed that students have had a programming course and are familiar with fundamental programming constructs. (Offered Online)
  6. INEN 4396 Automated System Engineering - To provide students in engineering with knowledge about the industrial automation and process control in the manufacturing industry: control system, PLC, sensor and actuator, auto-id, flexible manufacturing system, assembly line and automatic inspection. B.S. IT students should have a background in instrumentation, controls, or computer programming prior to registering.
  7. ENGR 4301 ST: Project Management (Offered Online)
  8. ENGR 4301 ST: Robotics (Offered Online)
  9. ENGR 4301 ST: Advance in Safety Engineering (Offered Online)
  10. ENGR 4301 ST: Logistics (Offered Online)
Students can also take elective outside the department. Most business, computer science, and other courses at the junior or senior level (3000 or 4000 course number) can be used as electives if part of a cohesive plan of study. You must get the approval of your advisor or the department head for using a course not listed on this page as an elective. You must also have the prerequisites to take the course. A partial list of electives offered outside the department that B.S. IT students can take:
  1. CMGT 4310 Construction Planning and Scheduling - Basic construction project management and scheduling procedures. Work breakdown structure, critical path method, and scheduling logic. Activity durations, status reports, resource allocation, and control. Covers elements of construction ethics and safety. B.S. IT students should take INEN 4301 Project Management prior to this course.
  2. CMGT 4320 Cost Estimating and Analysis - Estimation of construction development project costs; direct and indirect, labor, material and equipment. Overhead and profit. Bidding and Computer-based estimating. B.S. IT students should take INEN 4301 Project Management prior to this course.
  3. MGMT 3310 Principles of Organizational Behavior and Management - Includes the study of organization behavior concepts such as leadership, motivation, individual behavior, group behavior and communication. Their use in U.S. and multinational organizations in management practice is examined in the context of today's legal, social and ethical environment.
  4. MGMT 3320 Production Management - A survey of the production function and the analytical tools used to solve problems associated with the development and operation of a production system. Analytical tools include: linear programming, critical path scheduling, waiting line, statistical quality control and forecasting. 
  5. MISY 3310 Principles of MIS
  6. MISY 3320 IS Hardware and Software
  7. MISY 3350 JAVA Development
  8. MISY 3360 Visual BASIC Development
  9. MISY 4370 ERP Overview - This course introduces students to SAP, an enterprise application software that runs on large database systems, which is widely used by large corporations. In this overview course, students will learn business processes in different modules of SAP with a focus on supply-chain processes; purchasing, materials management, production planning, and sales and distribution. Students will have ample opportunity to perform business transactions on SAP servers to gain a deeper understanding of business process integration.
  10. MKTG 3310 Principles of Marketing - A description and analysis of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute products and services to customers. Topics studied include: the marketing environment, consumer buying habits and motives, types of middlemen, marketing institutions and channels, governmental regulations, advertising and current marketing practices. 
  11. BCOM 3350 Business Communications - Emphasis on practical applications of business writing and speaking scenarios. Course covers how to write memos, letters, resumes, analytical reports, and how to give a professional oral presentation.
  12. FINC 3306 Personal Finance - Introduction to financial problems of the consumer. Emphasis is placed on problems concerning financial planning, investments in real estate, personal property, insurance, and securities.