Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology (4 Year Program)


An industrial technology degree prepares students to work in industrial environments (manufacturing firms, refineries, chemical plants, and logistics companies). 

  • Algebra Based
    • The degree that does not require calculus or calculus based physics.
  • Exciting Topics
    • Process Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, 5s)
    • Project Management
    • Safety and Quality Control
    • Automation and Advanced Manufacturing
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Production Planning and Inventory Control
    • Business and Computer Courses
  • Geographic and Schedule Flexibility
    • Coursework can be taken 100% online.
  • Flexible Degree Plan (54 Elective Hours)
    • 33 lower division and 21 upper division elective hours.
  • Designed for Transfer Students
    • Most engineering, technology, business and other coursework can transfer as electives.

Please contact Dr. Curry ( to discuss transferring to BS Industrial Technology.