Why transferring to LU was the best decision for me

Frankie Blog

By Frankie Alegria, Mechanical Engineering '25


Hey, what’s up? I heard you were thinking about transferring here from either your hometown community college or another university. Well believe it or not, I was in your shoes around this time in 2021, when I was enrolled at one of the biggest engineering universities in Texas. Although LU was always one of my top three choices right out of high school,  I was caught up in the hype of attending a big, well-known school when I was making my college decision. For many reasons, that is a choice I came to regret, and I soon realized that Lamar University was a better fit for me. 

                Now that I’m a student here at LU, I’ve seen all the benefits this university holds compared to other, bigger schools. The main one that I find very valuable is classroom size, especially coming from an institution where a normal physics classroom had anywhere from 200 to 300 students. Here at LU the “big” classrooms hold at max about 90 to 100 students. This allows your professors to get to know you by name, and allows you to engage and ask questions in class and during office hours.  

                Another huge advantage of LU’s size, is that students interact with each other on a normal basis. This leads to everyone knowing one another, and it allows us to create a stronger bond across all the engineering disciplines. I can say that mechanical engineering students at LU have a strong bond, and we help each other to do better. I’ve talked to the friends I left behind at my previous school, and they often express surprise that we help our classmates by teaching and learning together, whether that be in class or out. 

                The most impressive thing about LU is the network. Students have an easier time connecting with well-known corporations! I’ve had the pleasure of having lunches with plant managers, VPs, and many other highly-placed individuals at major companies. I would say that LU is unmatched for offering frequent and unique opportunities for one-on-one interaction with people in key hiring positions. 

As I write this blog, I am preparing to end the semester and start my first co-op in the spring. I’ve had so many huge opportunities at LU in less than a year, and  I cant wait to see what other benefits I will see in the future.