Why I Chose LU

Kelvin Elgar
by Kelvin Elgar, Chemical Engineering

Campus Life
Being a long-time resident of Southeast Texas, I initially wanted to go somewhere far away. I fell for the idea that staying in Beaumont limits your opportunities and experiences. However, when I first stepped on Lamar’s campus, I wished I did not have that type of thinking. Although it was close to home, I felt like I was hundreds of miles away from my family. I was able to experience new exciting situations, meet other welcoming students, and get the “college life” that I wanted. Lamar may feel like a smaller university, but they have resources of one that is larger. Because of this, I have been able to develop myself as a student and as a person in an environment best suited for me. 
My favorite aspect of Lamar University is the many opportunities it has to offer, especially those pertaining to the College of Engineering. There are many organizations that develop you to be better leadership-wise, academic-wise, and social-wise. There are a variety of internships, vital for your engineering career, obtained through Lamar’s career fair and the national conferences that engineering organizations go to, such as NSBE, SASE, and SHPE. There are research grants for undergraduate and graduate students to work on research alongside professors. Having smaller classes leads to better personal interactions with the professor and other students, enriching the learning experience.  I know that if Lamar University did not share these opportunities with me, I would not be at this point of my career. 
One of the most important musts an ambitious student needs to do going into college is to find like-minded individuals. Becoming involved in organizations is the best way to find other similar students. In engineering, there are a variety of clubs focused on different majors, cultures, and career paths, so it is easy to find other individuals who have a similar mindset. You are able to create a community within an organization, develop engineering skills, such as teamwork and budgeting, through projects, and participate in activities beneficial to your career. Also, many of the students you meet there are the ones who will be spending long nights studying with you and supporting you when you need help. Because of this, it’s important to join an organization early and get the most out of it. 
Lamar University has a variety of events that students can attend, such as Homecoming Week and the semesterly Finals De-Stress Week. It’s a great way to meet new people and relieve the stress that college students face. Although Covid-19 restrictions have lessened the amount of  in-person events, there are still many online options and in-person activities, following Covid-19 guidelines, that students can attend. I highly recommend going to at least one of these events every semester to take your mind off school or work for a few moments.
All the facilities at Lamar University provide a more enriching learning experience along with my classes. For example, the newly-established Science and Technology Building has many areas to research, many rooms to study in, and the MakerSpace, where students are able to let their project ideas come to life. For example, I am able to do algal-based research in the many laboratories that the building has. Lamar also has the Cherry Engineering Building where many classes, research projects, and meetings for organizations take place. This is just one of the many aspects that make Lamar University amazing. 
Prospects of my Future 
I believe that everyone’s future is uncertain and the only way to take a step towards certainty is to find a compass. Lamar University is that compass for me. The community, classes, organizations, staff, and every other feature that Lamar has to offer has helped me gain a better understanding of where I want to be in my career and because of this, I’m blessed to be a Cardinal. Peck ‘em!