Lessons I Learned from 2020

Darnell log

by Latresmond Darnell, Civil Engineering '21


2020 has been a crazy year for everyone around the world. Its hard to know how to cope with what is going on right now. Different ideas are thrown around frequently about how to handle the pandemic, but there are often no definite answers and this is can be confusing. But living through this uncertain time has also taught me some important lessons.

Be Kind.
2020 has taught me to consider other peoples’ feelings and not just my own. Some aren’t that worried about the effect of the pandemic, but there are many people who are really concerned and have drastically altered their lifestyle. Regardless of one’s opinions, it doesn’t hurt to be kind and wear your mask or social distance for the safety and well-being of others. The best way to get through tough times is unity. We have to come together as people and help each other out.

Don’t Give Up.
This year has also taught me to keep persevering and pushing forward. The pandemic has made this year mentally draining. Each day, people are getting laid off from jobs and others are extremely worried about their health and contracting the virus. The pandemic has changed life for the whole world. Almost everything that we have been used to doing all our lives has changed this year. Being forced to change our habits and routines can cause discomfort and frustration, but we have to learn to adapt to and succeed under new circumstances.

Take Care of Yourself.
Despite all that is happening, remember to take care of yourself as best as possible. mentally, physically, and emotionally, 2020 has most likely been challenging for you.  We aren't used to having to limit contact with family and friends, wearing a mask everywhere, or keeping a distance of 6 feet between ourselves and others. Its important to realize how much stress this year has placed on most of us. Making self-care a priority all the time will benefit you in unexpected years like 2020.