How membership in Student Orgs Benefits me (And Can Benefit You Too)

Elijah Keal

by Elijah Keal, Chemical Engineering


1. It looks good on a resume

It’s always good to be active on campus. In fact, its arguably just as important as your grades when trying to apply for co-ops and internships. A company will hire an active student with a 3.5 over a non-active student with a 4.0 every. single. Time. Joining a student org and participating in their activities is the best way to stay active on campus and in your community.

2. Leadership Experience

Whenever you join a student organization, you will always at some point begin to have hundreds of new and cool ideas about how the organization you’re in should do things. This is what spurred me to get an officer position and gain some important leadership experience. Everyone has “new and cool” ideas on how an organization should be run but its important to have the leadership experience to be able to implement those ideas. Everyone has ideas, leaders make those ideas a reality.

3. meet people

Speaking as a massive introvert, a big benefit of joining an organization is that it lets me meet new and interesting people. This is not only good for networking, but it’s just good in general for finding new friends. Friends to help you study with or just hang out with. Joining an organization is good for breaking out of your shell and meeting friends, study buddies, and potential co-workers.