Xiang Receives NSF Grant

doctor yisha xiangYisha Xiang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering will receive a $279,025 National Science Foundation grant for collaborative research she will conduct with University of Houston Associate Professor and Sunita Agrawai Faculty Fellow Qianmei Feng.

The pair’s research proposal “Maintenance Planning for Complex Systems in Dynamic Environments” will explore equipment failures in capital-intensive industries, such as oil and gas exploration, aerospace, and power generation, that may threaten human lives and have significant environmental and economic impact. “Many of these equipment failures can be traced to poor equipment maintenance,” Xiang said.

“One criticism of existing maintenance planning is that the existing predictive failure models are not rich enough to accurately reflect degradation in dynamic environments,” she said. “Our project will address the need for better planning models and analysis to enhance equipment reliability in capital-intensive industries,” Xiang wrote in the proposal.

“Maintenance planning in complex systems plays an extremely critical role in the efficient and safe operations of high-cost, environmentally-sensitive systems,” said Brian Craig, professor and chair of LU’s Department of Industrial Engineering. “Dr. Xiang and her colleagues are at the forefront of this research as demonstrated by their most recent NSF award to study the reliability and maintenance of such systems.”

Xiang and Feng anticipate that the work will lead to fundamentally new perspectives on the application of reliability and maintenance optimization for complex engineered systems. The project began this fall and will continue through Summer 2021.