Welcome New Faculty

Dr. Henry joins the Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in biochemical engineering. Henry has a number of awards and honors, including: licensed professional engineer, Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Award (2007) and received Outstanding Poster Presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Biochemical Engineer Consortium in 2004.

Dr. Henry has made a number of publications on his research with topics including: development of photometric sensors for the detection of neurotoxic agents, analysis of cell surface molecules and their roles in disease progression, biosensors modeled after cellular structures and evaluation of natural occurring molecules as modulators in disease progression among many others.

Dr. Henry is a graduate of the University of Arkansas where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degree before receiving his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

Dr. Selvaratnam joins the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI) at Arizona State University. His primary focus is in sustainable energy positive wastewater treatment technologies and biological water/wastewater treatment processes.

During his doctoral studies at New Mexico State University, Dr. Selvaratnam evaluated a novel approach to treat municipal wastewaters using acidophilic mixotrophic algae. His current research revolves around achieving bioremediation of municipal and industrial wastewaters using an algal-based system.

Dr. Selvaratnam is a member of the Diversity Advisory Board, ReNUWIt, which is an interdisciplinary, multi-institution engineering research center whose goal is to change the ways urban water is managed.

Originally from India, Dr. Patki received his doctoral degree from Lamar University in 2016 and joins as a visiting assistant professor. As a student, Patki received a full doctoral fellowship from 2012-2016 and made a number of publications during that time.

Dr. Patki has a number of research interests including: numerical simulation of black carbon emissions from non-premixed flames, computational fluid dynamics of important flare operating parameters and combustion efficiency and emissions of industrial flares.

Outside of work, Dr. Patki wrote and published a spiritual and inspirational book titled “Think Beyond.” His book explores the personalities of various world leaders, intellectuals and directors to discover they all contain the same philosophy of thinking beyond the norm in order to win over ones self.