Enginuity 2017

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dean palankiIt is an exciting time to be part of Lamar University. I finished two years as Dean of Engineering in July and I am pleased to see significant positive changes in the college. The College of Engineering is dedicated to empowering students and faculty to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. We are achieving this by combining our traditional strength in excellent teaching with innovative research at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels. At the bachelors level, we are utilizing modern teaching methods in the classroom to combine traditional lectures with simulation, animation and experimental techniques to prepare students for industries of the 21st century. At the masters level, each department is offering specializations, such as Computer Engineering, Process Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Data Mining, Environmental Engineering, Advanced Machine Design, and Power Systems, which are in line with current needs of the industry. At the doctoral level, the college faculty members are pursuing interdisciplinary research in five thrust areas: (1) Materials Engineering & Manufacturing, (2) Process Engineering, Optimization & Robotics, (3) Cybersecurity, Logistics & Risk Assessment, (4) Energy, Sustainability & Environmental Engineering, and (5) Bioengineering & Human Factors. Funded research continues to increase as we develop a significant strength in applied research that benefits the industries of Southeastern Texas and beyond.

If you stop by the Cherry engineering building, you will immediately notice changes that are designed to provide a very inviting atmosphere for students. The classrooms as well as student study areas are being renovated – refreshed, refurbished and rewired to promote learning in the digital era. The research laboratories are humming with new equipment and students, both at the undergraduate as well as the graduate level, have opportunities to be involved in cutting-edge research.

With Cardinal Pride,

Srinivas Palanki, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Engineering
Charles and Eleanor Garrett Chair
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