Donors and Scholarships

Because of continued donor support, our students are able to attend class without the heavy financial burden of taking out loans or working fulltime, giving them the freedom to study and enjoy their time as students. Donations to the College of Engineering are extremely vital to our faculty and students, giving the university the opportunity to enhance the collegiate experience by evolving our classrooms in an era of digital learning. Without your support, making these advances would not be possible.

Dates of gifts range from 9/1/2016 - 8/31/2017


$25,000 and above 

ExxonMobil Corporation | Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. George | The Gill Foundation of Texas | Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Gill | Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Norwood | Nautical Control Solutions, LP | Dr. Anita L. Riddle and Dr. Steven P. Schmidt

$10,000 - $24,999

BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC | Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burrow | Citgo Petroleum Corporation | Mr. Joe Domino | Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Gunderson | Lubrizol Foundation | Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell | Motiva Enterprises LLC | Noah Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund Mrs. Jill Bogan Risley and Mr. Allyn W. Risley | Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Rogers | Dr. Ruhai Wang | Mr. and Mrs. Pat Weber

$5,000 - $9,999

Dr. Kendrick T. Aung | Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Bonura | Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bonura | Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, L.P. | Covestro, LLC | Ms. Becky Fussell | Gas Processors Association of Houston | INEOS Olefins and Polymers USA | Mr. Grant V. Lovelady | Mrs. Maureen G. Lovelady | Mr. and Mrs. Arun H. Magia | MOR Associates, Inc. | Dr. and Mrs. Sina K. Nejad | Dr. and Mrs. Hermann H. Ortega | The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving | Mr. and Mrs. Denny Robertson | Mr. and Mrs. Ron Robins | Sigma Engineers, Inc.

$2,500 - $4,999

Mr. Jimmy Booker | The Honorable and Mrs. Jeff R. Branick | International Society of Automation | Mrs. Erin K. Lovelady | Marathon Petroleum Co LP | Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. | Schwab Charitable Fund | Ms. Hong M. Wang |

$1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Aldredge | American Endowment Foundation | American Online Giving Foundation | A.S.M.E.-Sabine Section | The Benevity Community Impact Fund | Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Bloch | Mr. and Mrs. Bryan M. Booker | Dr. David L. Cocke | Mrs. Yolanda C. Conyers | Mr. Zhanfeng Dong | The Dow Chemical Company | Dr. Grace D. England | Mr. Harshavardhan D. Gorakh | Dr. H. Stephen Grace, Jr. | Mrs. Leatha H. Hallmark | Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Hambrick | Dr. and Mrs. Jack R. Hopper | I.B.E.W. Local Union No 479 | Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones | Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kemp | Mr. Eric L. Weatherford and Ms. Aimee S. Lieby | Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Mason | MetalForms, LTD. | The Premcor Refining Group Inc | Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Roth | Mr. and Mrs. Bill Scott | Mr. and Mrs. Don S. Shaver | Mr. and Mrs. Mike Turner | Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Vernon | Vibration Institute Triplex Chapter | Dr. and Mrs. Victor A. Zaloom, Victor A. Zaloom Charitable Giving Fund

$500 - $999

Aran & Franklin Engineering, Inc. | Arkema, Inc. | Mrs. Usha Beckman | Mr. Kim Bergman | BK Industrial Solutions | Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Boehm | Mr. and Mrs. Clark A. Boudreaux | Dr. Crystal and Mr. Lance Broussard | Mr. and Mrs. Randy Conley | Mrs. Ina Cooke | Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Cravey | Mr. and Mrs. Grady H. Crawford, Jr. | Dr. and Mrs. Will B. Crenshaw | Mr. and Mrs. James G. Crump | Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Demahy | Mr. Jerry Hebert | Mr. and Mrs. Hunter W. Henry | International Paper | Mr. Clint C. Lacy | LeTourneau Lifelike Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc. | Mrs. Wilmalee Levosky | Dr. and Mrs. Don M. Lyle, Don and Mary Ann Lyle Charitable Fund | Management to Learn USA, LLC | Mr. and Mrs. Randall G. Morgan | Dr. and Mrs. Terry Morris | Mr. Ravishanker V. Nandiwada | Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Newman | Newtron Beaumont, L.L.C. | Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Nimmo | Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rolen | Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Steinhagen | Ms. Carolyn J. Thomas and Mr. Fred C. Winograd | Valero Refinery | Mrs. Chandra F. Womack

$250 - $499

Dr. and Mrs. David D. Bedworth | CAF America | Mr. George R. Carter | Mr. and Mrs. Nick Carter | Cowboy Harley-Davidson | Cowboy Powersport Ltd | The Echo Group, Ltd | Ms. Jann K. Elkins | Mr. and Mrs. Chet Hill | Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hooper | Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Huffman | Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jenkins | Dr. and Mrs. James M. King | Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. LaBeaux, Sr. | Mr. and Mrs. Mike Larsen | Mr. Fan Luo | Ms. Rebecca S. Meadows | Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Plummer, Jr. | Mr. and Mrs. Don Prejean | Mr. Lloyd M. Real | Mr. and Mrs. David O. Rittenhouse | Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Roebuck, Sr. | Dr. Regina J. Rogers | Mr. Michael Sabo | Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Smith | Mr. Guanghua Su | Dr. and Mrs. Charles P. Turco, Sr. | Mr. Bill Waites | Dr. Joe Watt | Mr. Terry Welch | Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Williams, Jr. | Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wright | Ms. Karen L. Wright


A.L. (Tom) & Nancy Giannopoulos Regents Scholarship

Alan H. Plummer, Jr. Environmental Engineering Scholarship

Alicia Christine Bonura Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Amir & Layla Nejad Scholarship in Civil Engineering

Ann & Paul Pigue Endowment in Engineering

Bob & Susan McLendon Scholarship in Engineering

Charles Lewis & Eleanor Smith Garrett Scholarship

Connie Young Presidential Scholarship

Dan F. Smith Regents Scholarship in Engineering

David Bernsen Endowed Scholarship in Civil Engineering

Dolores & Vincent Leone Scholarship in Engineering

Don M. Lyle Regents Scholarship in Engineering

Dr. David G. Gates Scholarship in Industrial Engineering

Dr. George J. Hirasaki Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Dr. Hai H. Nguyen Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Hsing-Wei Chu, Piper Professor, Scholarship

Dr. Jack R. Hopper Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Dr. Luther A. Beale Memorial Scholarship in Civil Engineering

Dr. Tamerla Chavis Distinguished Alumni Presidential Scholarship in Engineering

Dr. Thomas C. Ho Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Dr. Thomas C. McGill, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Dr. Victor A. Zaloom Leadership in Quality Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Wendell C. Bean Scholarship in Electrical Engineering

Dreyer Family Scholarship

Electrical Engineering Alumni Scholarship

Elmer E. & Patricia Muldoon Scholarship

ENGlobal Engineering, Inc. Scholarship in Engineering

Entergy Texas, Inc. Scholarship in Engineering

Ernest Holdredge Memorial Scholarship

ExxonMobil Ambassadors Scholarship

ExxonMobil Foundation Presidential Scholarship

Frank & Mary Axtell Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Fred & Marie Duty Memorial Scholarship

Gas Processors Association of Houston Scholarship

George B. Tims, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Gerry E. Pate Scholarship in Civil Engineering

Gunderson Hertiage Scholarship in Engineering

H. Stephen Grace, Jr. Presidential Scholarship

Harry L. Thompson Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Hermann H. Ortega Scholarship in Engineering

Horace C. Davidson, Jr. Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Houston Chapter of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability

Professionals (SMRP) Endowed Scholarship

IMI/Sabine Neches Chapter Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

J.V. & Gene Minyard Memorial Scholarship


James L. & Sandra J. Thomas Scholarship

JD & Stella Melonson Memorial Scholarship

John H. Long Presidential Scholarship

Joseph F. Domino Regents Scholarship

Joseph T. Watt, Jr. Scholarship in Electrical Engineering

Judy Fleming Partin Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Katherine E. & William C. Mundt Scholarship in Engineering

Lamar Chemical Engineering Alumni Scholarship

Larry & Cynthia Norwood Chemical Engineering Scholarship

Leslie A. Lakie Scholarship in Civil Engineering

Li-Via Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Lloyd Cherry Memorial Fund in Engineering

Marvin V. Harlow Endowed Scholarship in Engineering

Melvin R. Hefty Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Michael L. Burrow Regents Scholarship in Engineering

Mike & Bette Turner Presidential Scholarship

Mr. & Mrs. D. L. Alexander Scholarship in Engineering

Myra Keen Caldwell & Herbert Kimbell Caldwell Presidential Scholarship

Norman & Harold Orton Memorial Scholarship in Math & Engineering

Otto Brown Memorial Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Patricia & Michael E. Aldredge Presidential Scholarship

Paul Eric Murray Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Professor Floyd Crum Scholarship in Electrical Engineering

Professor James L. Cooke Memorial Scholarship

Ralph A. Leaf Presidential Scholarship in Engineering

Rebecca Lynn Fussell Presidential Scholarship

Robert Carlin Scholarship in Engineering

Robert H. Harlow Scholarship in Electrical Engineering

Robert Stauffer Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Rodney K. Bogan Memorial Scholarship

SCOPE Scholarship

Srini Chittaluru Graduate Research Scholarship

Susan M. Morgan Civil Engineering Scholarship

Texas Hazardous Waste Management Society Fellowship in

Hazardous Waste Studies Scholarship

Thomas Joseph “Tom” Keating Memorial Scholarship

Tony Paine Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

TSPE-Sabine Chapter Endowed Scholarship

Valero Scholarship in Engineering

Victor A. Zaloom Scholarship in Engineering

Water Environment Association of Texas Scholarship

Willa Nelson Ross & Ruby Nelson Shirutis Scholarship

William B. & Mary G. Mitchell Scholarship in Engineering

William Patrick Weber Presidential Scholarship

William Kuhlke Society of Plastics Engineers Southeast Texas Section Endowed Scholarship

Yaws-Via Scholarship in Chemical Engineering