Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Degrees

The Phillip M. Drayer Department of Electrical Engineering offers an ABET-accredited B.S. program with all courses have online sections as well as face-to-face sections. The Department uses a very flexible system that suits everyone’s schedule and needs. Every semester, the student can select all courses face-to-face, some courses face-to-face and others online, or all courses online. Students in the online sections have the option to attend live lecture with the face-to-face students, or to study asynchronously using the recordings and course materials posted on Blackboard. Every semester, you can make up a mixture of selections that fits your schedule. Lamar University supports transfers from community colleges and provides the only 2+2 online path for Electrical Engineering degree in Texas. 

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering requires the students to complete 120 credit hours. 

Professional Certificates

The Department offers two Undergraduate Certificates in Power & Energy Engineering and Instrumentation & Control. These certificates are available for students from inside and outside the Department as long as the prerequisites are met. Besides, you don’t have to be enrolled at Lamar University to take these certificate. Each certificate requires taking at least three courses in the field.

4+1 Programs

This program allows qualified students to finish their Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with Master of Engineering, Master of Engineering Science, or Master of Business Administration in five years only. Please see the buttons in the right for more details.

Transfer Students (2+2)

The 2+2 is a degree path allowing students from community colleges and other 2-year institutions to complete two additional years at a 4-year college and earn their baccalaureate degree. For more details, please see the articulations agreements (the 2+2 degree maps) in the right. Lamar University offers good scholarship opportunities for transfer students. To be successful in the B.S.E.E. 2+2 online program, you should have reasonably good grades (mostly A and B) in the lower division math and physics courses.

Looking to get started

Get a head start on your future as an LU Engineer by contacting Haley Strahan, Director of Outreach and Student Services or contact the department directly: Ms. Tatyana K Jones