E.E. Distance Option

The Phillip M. Drayer Department of Electrical Engineering offers an ABET-accredited B.S. program with all courses delivered in a unique hybrid mode that combines the best elements of traditional face-to-face and online learning. This delivery mechanism is considered face-to-face, since students are required to meet regularly with their instructors. The department also offers the hybrid-exempt (fully online) option for qualified out-of-area students and for local students satisfying certain criteria. This allows on-campus students to do extended co-op and internships while remaining on schedule to graduate. Our program also allows students from outside the Southeast Texas area to take courses and complete their degrees. Lamar supports transfers from community colleges and provides the only 2+2 online path for engineering degrees (Electrical and Industrial) in Texas.  

What does "Hybrid" mean and how it works?

The department uses the Digital eLearning Content Delivery System (BlackBoard) to both distribute course materials (video lectures, lab material, assignments, tests) and facilitate collaboration between students and their report submission. The "Hybrid" mode assumes weekly in-class meeting with students. These meetings are used to answer questions, cover more examples, and highlight concepts discussed in the video lectures. Students meeting specific criteria may petition to be exempt from such face-to-face meetings to become "hybrid-exempt". This allows our students to be off-campus so that they can participate in internships, co-ops or full-time jobs.

 Why Lamar B.S.E.E.?

  • LU ranks #5 in the nation on ROI for Engineering programs;
  • More affordable than most competitors with scholarships for 4 year and transfer students;
  • Hybrid/Online offering combined with extensive hands-on hardware experience;
  • Outstanding curriculum that encourages Co-ops and Internships;
  • Focus on Power, Energy, Control, Robotics, while also including Faculty experts in other areas of EE, such as Computer Networks, Microelectronics/VLSI and Signal/Image Processing;
  • Hybrid program since Fall 2015;
  • Only Electrical Engineering program in Texas with a distance education option.

What is 2+2 online?

2+2 is a degree path allowing students from community colleges and other 2-year institutions to complete two additional years at a 4-year college and earn their baccalaureate degree.

All B.S.E.E. courses can be taken online (the hybrid-exempt option). All non-E.E. courses after the freshman year can also be taken online.  For community college transfers, we recommend reviewing available 2+2 degree plans. Lamar has scholarship opportunities for transfer students. To be successful in the B.S.E.E. 2+2 online program, you should have reasonably good grades (mostly A and B) in the lower division math and physics courses.

What about the hands-on experience?

Majority of upper-level E.E. course are either accompanied with the laboratory or use the "Hardware in Homework". To comply, students are required to purchase the recommended (and very versatile) hardware kit that will be used in their course assignments. Here is the list of hardware currently used in the core B.S.E.E. courses.

Would being "hybrid exempt" put me in a disadvantageous position?

No! All course activities are designed to be "distant-friendly" and all in-class sessions are either recorded (preferred) or their content is made available to all students in class.

How do I become "hybrid exempt"?

Students requesting to be hybrid exempt need to complete the following form. The hybrid exempt status is granted for one semester and may be "renewed" later if needed. By the way, the hybrid exempt (online) students are not prohibited from any on-campus activities! On the contrary, they are welcome and highly encouraged to attend hybrid sessions if/when they can.

Please, note that International students may not, in general, be "hybrid exempt" and are encouraged to contact their Graduate Adviser.

Who do I contact for more information?

Get a head start on your future as a Lamar Engineer by contacting Paula Stout, EE Administrative Associate Sr. tjones145@lamar.edu (409) 880-8746.