Materials and Structures Lab

Laboratory Features

Lamar University Materials and Structures Lab (LUMS): The LUMS is a dedicated facility for materials and structural engineering research provided with diverse space and equipment for micro-, meso-, and macro-scale testing. The laboratory features a high bay area and is serviced by an overhead crane. The laboratory is outfitted with materials and structural testing equipment for simulated mechanical and environmental loading capabilities and is supported by affiliated machine and wood shops. The laboratory has the equipment to conduct basic material testing on both cementitious composites and fiber reinforced composites.

· 600 W Sonicator: MSK-USP-3N

· Static hydraulic compression actuators: Gilson MC-300CL and Master Electric type PD

· Static electromechanical actuators: Instron 5965

· Cyclic Servo-hydraulic actuator: Instron 8803

· Optical Microscope: Keyence VH-Z500R

· Digital Balance: Cole Palmer PA-120

· Relative Humidity control chamber

· Vicat needle

· Mortar flow table

· Length comparator