Environmental Master's Degree Pathways

Accelerated Master's Program in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Studies

The Civil Engineering department offers a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Master of Science in Environmental Studies. Program highlights include:

  • 30 credit hours required to complete the course work 
  • Specialize in your areas of interest
  • Multiple scholarship opportunities
  • Options to pick courses from your own field
  • Venues to interact with industry professionals
The coursework option consists of a minimum of 10 graduate courses (30 semester hours). The typical program of study includes 5 or more CVEN graduate courses from the following list, but other courses approved by the department graduate advisor may satisfy part of this requirement.
  • CVEN 5325 - Fundamentals of Air Pollution
  • CVEN 5329 - Water Supply and Treatment
  • CVEN 5331 - Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • CVEN 5338 - Solid Waste Management
  • CVEN 6333 - Chemical Principles in Environmental Engineering
  • CVEN 6387 - Hydraulics of Environmental Systems
  • CVEN 5334 – Sustainability: Green Engineering
  • CVEN 6345 - Water Quality Modeling/ Monitoring

Students, with approval from the department graduate advisor, may then choose additional engineering, science or math graduate courses as applicable to their interests and background. Most of the CVEN courses which may be available are listed on the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Graduate Course Catalog.

For the non-thesis option, satisfactory completion of a final Comprehensive Examination. For the thesis options, satisfactory completion and defense of a Master’s thesis.


4+1 Program

 The Department of Civil Engineering also offers a combined program to allow students to receive their Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Studies in as little as 5 years. Highlights of the program include:

  • Combined coursework of advanced undergraduate and graduate work
  • Accelerated 4+1 programs combine advanced undergraduate course work with graduate course work
  •  Flexibility to begin taking classes toward their master’s degree during their senior year of undergraduate studies
  • The program may accept up to six credits (at the 5XXX level or higher) to be taken as an undergraduate student with a maximum of six credits allowed to be shared between the undergraduate and graduate degrees

The detailed information of this 4+1 program can be seen here.

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lamar University College of Engineering has temporarily waived the requirement to take the GRE for admission consideration. Applications will be evaluated based on academic record. For students who cannot come to campus in Spring 2021, please contact the graduate advisor about starting the program on campus or online.*