Jerry Lin, Ph.D.

Research Group

Research Engineer: Ching-Chieh Lin, Ph.D.CC Lin

Dr. Ching-Chieh Lin is a research engineer in the Center for Advances in Water and Air Quality at Lamar University. He received his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Utah in 2016. He has served as teaching assistant 2010-2014 for Water Chemistry Analysis Lab Class. His research interests include water and wastewater treatment, membrane technology, membrane bioreactor (MBR), ozonation, pressure cycle technology, bioenergy, algal biofuel, and algae harvest. He also have served in Engineers Without Borders at University of Utah to contribute his wastewater treatment knowledge and received a national award funded by EPA, P3 (People, Prosperity and the Planet). Dr. Lin’s research has been reflected by several peer-reviewed and conference publications especially membrane technology and algal biofuel.

Research Scientist: Tingting Cao, Ph.D.Tingting Cao

Dr. Tingting Cao is a research scientist in the Center for Advances in Water and Air Quality at Lamar University. She received her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from Texas Tech University in 2016, and during that time gained 5-years of experience teaching general and analytical chemistry while also serving as a research assistant. Dr. Cao has expertise in air quality studies, focusing on both laboratory and field experiments for understanding optical and chemical properties of atmospheric aerosols and monitoring of airborne pollutants and traces gases. Her work has led to the development of new methods for the characterization of black carbon and mineral dust as well as the design, assemblage and construction of portable and inexpensive devices for environmental analysis (i.e., smartphone sun photometer, ozone and PM2.5 sensors for human exposure monitoring). Dr. Cao has published 7 articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and has presented her research at several international conferences of AAAR, AMS, PITTCON, etc.


Graduate Students


Zhengduo Bao (D.E.)

Study of biogeochemistry of mercury in forest ecosystems


Kiran Gurung (M.S.)

Development of generalized assessment protocol for rainwater harvesting applications


Munshi Md S Yazdan (M.S.)

Studying environmental impact of oil and gas industry


Shengze Huang (M.S.)

Research and development of air pollution control decision based on the ABaCAS assessment tool


Md Masum Reza (M.S.)

Utilization and assessment of Water-Energy-Food nexus


Md Ariful Islam (M.S.)

Study of water reuse in the oil & gas industry


Moumita Halder (M.S.)

Evaluation of produced water treatment


Stephanie Plunkett (M.S.)

Modeling chemistry of methylmercury in a two-phase environment

Previous Graduate Students


Md Shafiuddin Shatu, M.S.

Characterization of a selected refinery waste water streams for treatment assessment


Andrea Dearing, M.S.

Collection and characterization of rainwater in the Golden Triangle Area