Course List


Courses offered by Civil Engineering Department

Course Number Course Name
CVEN 1101 Intro to Civil Engineering
CVEN 2301 Statics
CVEN 2270/2370 Computer-aided Design (CAD) and Intro to Surveying
CVEN 2372 Mechanics of Solids
CVEN 3310/3311 Intro to Environmental Engineering
CVEN 3340 Structural Analysis
CVEN 3350/3351 Fluid Mechanics
CVEN 3290 Engineering Probability and Statistics
CVEN 3200/3300 Engineering Material Systems
CVEN 3360 Engineering Hydrology
CVEN 3370 Water and Waste Water Treatment
CVEN 3390 Geo-technical Engineering
CVEN 4110 Seminar
CVEN 4365 Intro to Transportation Engineering
CVEN 4340 Foundation Engineering
CVEN 4380 Reinforced Concrete Design
CVEN 4312/4212 Civil Engineering System Design Project I
CVEN 4390 Structural Steel Design
CVEN 4350 Hydraulic Engineering
CVEN 4313/4213 Civil Engineering System Design Project II


Civil Engineering Electives   

CVEN 4320 Engineering Project Management
CVEN 4370 Computer Aided Design (CAD)
CVEN 53XX Approved CE Graduate (GR) Course


Basic Math and Science Courses

MATH 2413 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I
MATH 2414 Calculus & Analytical Geometry II
MATH 3328/2318 Linear Algebra I
MATH 3435/2415 Calculus III
MATH 3301 Ordinary Differential Equations
CHEM 1311 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1111 General Chemistry I Lab
PHYS 2425 University Physics I
PHYS 2426 University Physics II

Science Electives

GEOL 1403 Geology I - Physical Geology
BIOL 1406 General Biology I


Required Courses Offered by Other Engineering Department

CHEN 2374/MEEN 2374 Thermodynamics I
MEEN 2302 Dynamics
INEN 2373 Engineering Economics


Required General Education Courses

ENGL 1301 Composition I
HIST 1301 U.S. History I
PHIL 1370/2306 Philosophy Elective
ARTS 1301 or 1303 or DANCE 2304
or MUSI 1310 or COMM 1375 or
PHIL 1330 or THEA 1310
Creative Arts Elective
HIST 1302 or 2301 History Elective
POLS 2301 Intro to American Government I
POLS 2302 Intro to American Government II