Dr. Srinivas Palanki


My research focuses on the application of systems engineering tools to problems in engineering and biology. My research group has made theoretical contributions to real-time optimization of finite-time processes, nonlinear robust control and modeling of nonlinear processes. Applications include implementation of systems engineering tools to a pilot-scale fluidized bed hydrochlorination reactor (Mitsubishi Polysilicon), polymerization reactors (Honeywell), lab-in-a-chip (Applied Liquid Logic), and protection against UV-induced skin carcinogenesis (Mitchell Cancer Institute). 

I have received funding from the National Science Foundation, Abe Mitchell Cancer Research Fund, Alabama Space Grant Consortium, Army Research Labs, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, as well the chemical industry for my research.

My Erdos number is 5 (Erdos->Rosenfeld->Feintuch->Tannenbaum->Cockburn->Palanki).

Here is my Academic Family Tree.