Srinivas Palanki, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

  • D. Farnandes, M.E. Haque, S. Palanki, S.G. Rois and D. Chen, "DMC Controller Design for an Integrated Allam Cycle and Air Separation Plant," Computers and Chemical Engineering, in press, 2020
  • M.E. Haque, S. Palanki and Q. Xu, "Advanced Process Control for Cost-effective Glycol Loss Minimization in A Natural Gas Dehydration Plant under Upset Conditions," Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 59, 16, 7680-7692, 2020
  • S. Moazami, H. Zargarzadeh and S. Palanki, "Kinematics of Spherical Robots Rolling over 3D Terrains," Complexity, Article ID 7543969, 2019
  • N. Tripathi, S. Palanki, Q. Xu and K.D.P. Nigam, "Production of 1,3 Butadiene and Associated Co-Products Ethylene and Propylene from Lignin," Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 58, 35, 16182-16189, 2019
  • N. Tripathi, Q. Xu and S. Palanki, "Modeling and Simulation of the 1,3-Butadiene Extraction Process at Turndown Capacity," Chemical Engineering and Technology, 42(12), 2649-2657, 2019
  • M.E. Haque, Q. Xu, and S. Palanki, "Glycol Loss Minimization for a Natural Gas Dehydration Plant Under Upset Conditions," Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 58(5): 1994-2008, 2019
  • G. Sabeeh, S. Palanki, N.D. Sylvester, M.Y. El-Sharkh, Modeling and Analysis of a Hydrogen Reformer for Fuel Cell Applications," Heat Transfer Engineering, 40:13-14, 1153-1161, 2019


Ph.D. (Ch.E.) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
M.S. (Ch.E.) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
B.Tech. (Ch.E.) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Awards & Honors

  • QEP Educator of Distinction Award, 2014
  • Sisir Kumar Mitra Memorial Award, 2013
  • IIChE NRC Award for 2nd Best Paper in Indian Chemical Engineer, 2013
  • IICT-Avon’s Padmashree Dr. G.S. Sidhu CHEMCON Distinguished Speaker Award, 2012
  • Olivia Rambo McGlothren National Alumni Outstanding Scholar Award, 2011
  • Academic Leadership Class of the University of South Alabama, 2010
  • Hetero Drugs Professor G S Laddha CHEMCON Distinguished Speaker Award, 2005 
  • Computers and Chemical Engineering Best Paper Award, January 2004
  • College of Engineering Research Award, FSU, Tallahassee, 2000
  • National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award, 1994
  • National Talent Search Scholarship, Govt. of India, 1980-1986
  • Junior Science Talent Search Scholarship, Govt. of India, 1978-1980