Engineering Advisory Council

Stephen Grace
Dr. H. Stephen Grace, Jr., Chair
Business: H. S. Grace & Company, Inc.
Title: Founder and President
B.S. Industrial Engineering 1964


Michael Burrow
Mr. Michael L. Burrow
Business: Burrow Global, LLC
Title: Chairman and CEO

Joe domino 
Dr. Jack M. Gill
Business: Gill Foundation of Texas
Title: President
B.S. Chemistry 1958

Andy Green 2019
Dr. H.M. Hashemian
Business: AMS Corporation
Title: President and CEO
D.E. Electrical Engineering 2008

Chet Hill 2019
Mr. Robert S. Jones
Business: RSJ Consulting
Title: Owner
B.S. Civil Engineering 1973

Ms. Shelly Leedy
Business: Richard Automation
Title: President
B.S. Chemical Engineering 1984

Mr. Hermann Ortega
Business: MTG Consulting
Title: Advisor
B.S. Chemical Engineering 1967           
M.B.A. 1972  LHD 2014

Dr. Anita Riddle
Business:  Exxon Mobil Corporation
Title:  Manager Global Procurement
Master Engineering Mgmt 1993
D.E. Chemical Engineering 1996

Ross Clarence 2019
Ms. Lori Ryerkerk
Business: Celanese Corporation
Title: Chairman, CEO and President

Ronnie Smith
Mr. Ronnie Smith
Business: Upstream Engineering, LLC
Title: President
B.S. Civil Engineering 1978
M.E. Civil Engineering 1980

Mr. Terry Welch
Business: Sinclair Belgrave Energy
Title: Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Partner
B.S. Electrical Engineering 1982

Mr. Peter Mondello
Business: Scallon Controls
Title: Vice President Systems
B.S. Electrical Engineering 2001
M.S. Engineering Management 2006

Larry Norwood
Mr. Larry Norwood, Chair
Business: Lubrizol Additives
Title: Corporate Vice President Operations (retired)
B.S. Chemical Engineering 1973

Rozena DendyMs. Rozena Dendy
Business: ExxonMobil
Title: Refinery Manager

Joe domino
Mr. Joe Domino
Business: Entergy Texas
Title: Chief Integration Officer (Retired)
M.S. Engineering 1975

Andy Green 2019
Mr. Andy Green
Business: Green Foundation
Title: President and Founder
B.S. Civil Engineering 1954
M.S. Engineering Mechanics 1958

Mr. DeWayne Layfield
Business: Law Offices of L. DeWayne Layfield
Title: Owner
B.S. Chemical Engineering 1987

John LycanMr. John Lycan
Business:  BASF Total Petrochemicals
Title:  Vice President – Port Arthur Site

Hermann Ortega
Mr. Gerry Pate
Business: Pate Transportation Partners & Pate Engineers
Title: Managing Partner / Chairman of Board
B.S. Civil Engineering 1963

Ross Clarence 2019
Mr. CL Ross
Business: NASA Johnson Space Center
Title: Division Chief, JSC/NT/Safety, Reliability and Quality Engineering
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 1983

Dan Smith 2019
Mr. Dan F. Smith
Business: LyondellBasell Industries
Title: President, CEO & Chairman (Retired)
B.S. Chemical Engineering 1969

Mr. J. Michael Turner
Business: Turnaco LLC
Title: President / CEO
B.S. Electrical Engineering 1971 

mitchell crop
Ms. Livonia Mitchell
Business: CRH Americas Materials
Title: Executive Vice President, Metropolitan Group
B.S. Industrial Engineering 2007