A Letter to the LUCOE Faculty and Staff from the Dean

Dear LUCOE Faculty and Staff,

Date: 3/27/2020

This is a big change, but not unexpected. I am very proud of the progress each of you has made thus far in adapting to this situation, the transition to online and continuing to provide excellent service to our students. Any and all labs (undergraduate and graduate), senior design and exams, etc. cannot be held on campus until this order is lifted, with extremely limited exceptions that will be only approved on a case-by-case basis, by me, with very specific requirements to ensure your safety. Some of the faculty and staff will need to remain on campus, but if there is any way that you and your staff, including student workers, can effectively work remotely and remain in contact throughout the day, please stay home. Communicate with your supervisors for details. Please contact your students as soon as possible and inform them of this change. I strongly encourage you to keep in contact with your students in a meaningful way, even if it is just to check on them from time to time. Ask them how they are doing, if they have any concerns and if there is any way LU can assist them. Please see Dr. Evans’ email below and follow the information you can find on the LU website as well as LU social media. Here is a link to President Evans’ latest letter to LU faculty and staff and President Evans’ latest letter to LU students. I thank each of you for your dedication during this time and everyone, please stay safe and healthy.

With Cardinal Pride,
Brian N. Craig, PhD, PE, CPE
Dean of Engineering