Hip Hop Public Health Programming

Mission & Vision

Hip Hop Public Health is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission to foster positive health behavior change through the transformative power of hip-hop music. Based in New York City, Hip Hop Public Health works to empower youth around the globe with the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices.

Founded by Columbia University Neurologist Dr Olajide Williams (A.K.A “The Hip Hop Doc”) and iconic artist, Doug E. Fresh, Hip Hop Public Health works with socially conscious artists, musicians, nutritionists, educators and public health experts such as Ashanti, Darryl DMC McDaniels, Jordin Sparks and Ariana Grande to create scalable, highly engaging, culturally relevant music and multimedia “edutainment” tools designed to improve youth health literacy and promote health equity. They aim to make the healthy choice the cool choice.


Lamar University has partnered with Hip Hop Public Health to deliver health-focused programming aimed at empowering students with the knowledge and skills to make healthier choices, reducing preventable health conditions and the rising tide of childhood obesity. 


20 Seconds or More

Empower your students to help fight COVID-19 and stop the spread of germs by encouraging them to remix the Hip Hop Public Health 20 Seconds Or More video.

  • Challenge No. 1: Download the 20 Seconds Or More (Video or Music Track) music track and have your students film and add their own hand-washing videos to re-mix into a class-wide/school-wide public health video.
  • Challenge No. 2: Download the 20 Seconds Or More (Lyrics) and have your students recreate the song in their own style. The world needs a EDM, Doo-wop, Tejano and Honkey-Tonk version! Let’s get creative!

@RayGrayPE is kicking off a #20secondsormore @tiktok_us challenge! Who will be next???



Hype Breaks

Even with current social distancing recommendations, the importance of keeping active remains important for our overall health and immune systems. Hip Hop Public Health has, therefore, put together a collection of free, fun, standards-based dance breaks that encourage physical activity at home. Keep your spirits up, stay healthy and get H.Y.P.E. at Home.

Share your moves with the world!  #HYPEatHome