Renewal Probationary Certificate Requirements For Teacher Preparation

The prerequisites for renewal probationary certification are as follows: 

  • The request for a renewal probationary certificate must be initiated by the school district on letterhead requesting to place the candidate on a renewal probationary certificate. The letter should include the candidate name, TEA #, Lamar Id #, position for hire, and grade level. Please email the request letter to Ms. Debra Hayes at      

If the prerequisites are met and upon the school district request, the Certification officer at Lamar University will provide the school district a Teaching Internship Eligibility form to complete.  The applicant for hire is required to apply for the probationary certificate in Tk20 when officially hired by the district, and apply online with the Texas Education Agency. It is recommended to apply with the Texas Education Agency when officially hired by the district. 

To be recommended for a renewal probationary certificate by Lamar University you must apply in Tk20. Once logged into your student Tk20 account to apply

  • Select applications
  • Select create
  • Select Probationary Initial Teacher Certification Application

Complete the online application with the State Board for Teacher Certification (SBEC)

Please Note: Because of the high volume of applicants, the Certification process can take approximately 6-weeks from the time your application is received and all requirements are verified. Please make sure all requirements are met, or the processing of your certification application will be delayed. 

Effective September 1, 2017, a candidate must meet all testing requirements for issuance of a probationary certificate. To meet the subject matter knowledge requirements to be issued a probationary certificate for an internship in a classroom teacher assignment, a candidate must pass the appropriate certification examination(s), including the appropriate pedagogy and professional responsibilities examination, as prescribed in Subchapter C of this chapter. (230.37.d2)