Undergraduate Teacher Certification

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY for certification until all requirements below have been met:
  • Completion of all coursework required for degree and certification
  • Successful completion of clinical teaching or internship
  • Maintained a 2.75 or higher GPA in coursework
  • Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree
  • Passed the Lamar Proficiency test for Lamar University, and the required examinations for Texas Education Agency.

When all requirements have been met, each candidate MUST apply with both Lamar University and State Board of Educator Certification-SBEC for the Texas Standard Teacher certificate.

 To be recommended for certification by Lamar University you must apply in Tk20.

Once logged into Tk20, to apply"

  • Select applications
  • Select create

No TK20 Account?
Students without a TK20 account can access the Initial Certification Application. Please print, complete and fax your application to 409-880-1804.

Complete the online application with the State Board for Teacher Certification (SBEC)

Choose University-Based and type in "Initial Teacher Certification."

Please Note: Because of the high volume of applicants, the Certification process can take approximately 6-weeks from the time your application is received and all requirements are verified. Please make sure all requirements are met, or the processing of your certification application will be delayed.