Cristina Ríos, Ph.D.

Dr. Ríos has been researching institutional accreditation and quality assurance for over a decade and has become an authority in educational policy issues in many countries. Dr. Ríos has continued to build on her research on policies and processes of educational quality, by focusing on the quality of university programs that prepare K - 12 educators. Many of Dr. Ríos’ publications address teacher education accountability, examining the dilemmas involved in the preparation of effective teachers in relation to the increasing diversity in the K - 12 system. Improving the quality of the preparation of teachers and school administrators will have a positive impact in improving K - 12 student learning.

Dr. Ríos has a sizable number of scholarly publications and is the author of the books:

  • "Quality Assurance in Higher Education through Accreditation and Assessment: A binational Study”
  • “Sistema Integral de Tutoría de la Universidad Americana de Acapulco” 
  • "Government Intervention in Accreditation”
  • "Convergence or Divergence: The Alignment of Standards, Assessments and Issues of Diversity" 

Dr. Ríos has also published dozens of academic articles, including:

  • “Equity Initiatives in Higher Education in Spain”
  • “A Model for Preparing Future Teachers to Work with Latino Students and Parents”
  • “Crisis in Rural Teacher Education in México: The Disappearance of College Students from Ayotzinapa”
  • “European Higher Education and the Process of Change”
  • “Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Spain: An Overview of the Accreditation System”
  • “Valuing Diversity at United Kingdom Universities: Concerns after Brexit.”
Dr. Ríos has mentored many students in their research projects. She also collaborates with colleagues from various disciplines. In collaboration with Dr. Catalina Castillón, Professor of Spanish and Director of Modern Languages, Dr. Ríos has published: “Literacy Development in Bilingual Children: Pedagogical and Linguistic Considerations” and the journal article “Bilingual Literacy Development: Trends and Critical Issues.”