Alternative Certification Program

Admission Requirements

  1. Apply online at to Lamar University to be admitted as a student in the Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program.
  2. Create an Admissions Account and Complete an Admissions Application (PBTC-Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Admissions Application) through TK20.
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet with the director of the PBTC program by contacting the office at 409-880-8902.  On the day of your appointment, you must:
  • Present an official transcript for evaluation. (All international degrees must be evaluated by a TEA approved agency. The detailed evaluation must include a translation/description for all courses).
  • Transcripts must demonstrate a 2.75 GPA overall or in the last 60 hours taken.
  • Receive post baccalaureate certification program policies and procedures
  • Receive initial pre-deficiency plan advising form
  • All students are required to purchase TK20 software for a one-time fee. TK20 may be purchased at the University bookstore or online.

 TSI Requirement:

  • You must show evidence of having passed the TSI Assessment or another acceptable alternative test in all three areas (Reading, Writing and Math), either prior to admission into the program or during the first fall, spring or summer semester in which you are enrolled.
Learn more about specific requirements you'll need to be aware of in the Alternative Certification Program